Fatal Attraction Photos Released on NiteFlirt! Click, Pay, Stroke!

I have put up a bunch of the photos from the other day on Nitelirt. Along with the new buttons for you to click you can now also see 3 more of the photos from this set below! Now, you know what to do… CLICK, and PAY because you MUST OBEY! Hehe…

Click the button below to buy Fatal Attraction, set 1: Beautiful Goddess Headshots
so you can worship that perfect Goddess face, big blue eyes and long blond hair!


Click the button below now to buy Fatal Attraction set 2: Pantyhose Ass & Feet!
No man can help how weak he gets for my ass and feet wrapped in silky sheer nude hose!


In Fatal Attraction set 3 you will be able to  kneel and worship in awe as I wield my pistol,
looking so perfect, so dangerously powerful… you know you cannot say no to an armed beauty such as myself!

 Yes loser, you must click and pay for each of the sets like a good boy. Leave feedback for each of them, then comment here below
so that you can show me just how thankful you are!

PS: Click below to go ‘s journal and find make sure to find where he has posted about me and leave comments. Add him as a friend and read his blog often! He’s done a good job promoting me and so I want my faithful pets to click and visit his blog and show him how thankful you are!

Plus… I often have him announce things there first, or even let him show off exclusive photos, so check there often for news about me… and when you see that news, make sure to comment and thank him for all the hard work he puts into his blog!

9 thoughts on “Fatal Attraction Photos Released on NiteFlirt! Click, Pay, Stroke!

  1. Immaculate beauty to adore
    Oh my! She must be the most beautiful being on this earth! Flawless…simply perfect. The whole Fatal Attraction series can be seen C4SLive and anybody mesmerised by Goddess Kyaa should see it.

  2. Haha- you are the one who is supposed to entertain me… you are the bitch, the clown, my toy…. I can do or say whatever I want however I want… if you dont like it fuck off!

  3. While there is little argument that you an attractive woman, every time you speak I feel I’m back in one of my boring lecture classes in college.
    I’ve tried having an open mind about you but you need to pick up the pace when you talk…zzzzzzzzzzz!


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