Photos to take your breath away…

Tonight my girlfriend and I took some photos with our very hot Cannon EOS 7d and had a great time. It isn’t a huge shoot, only 70-85 photos after taking out the really silly ones (hehe) and the ones were I was flashing her as she snapped photos (you losers would never be worthy, so don’t even ask… I only mention it to drive you crazy) but the photos I have here are fucking awesome! Have a look below… we played around with some new styles of shots, and I know you losers will really enjoy the results…..

The photos I am about to share with you are just a preview of the rest of the amazing set you will be able to buy soon! Before anyone can purchase the set though, it will be on my clips4sale members site so that the good boys with memberships get access to the full set before anyone else!

Another note on the photos you are about to see… some of them show me handling a weapon. A gun, specifically a S&W Airweight .38 special 642 with a crimson trace laser sight. So if guns or violence offends you or upsets you in anyway STOP READING HERE and go to Google and search for something more pansy friendly!


This one and the next were both just snapped when my girlfriend was messing with the levels,
looking at them after I decided they are actually really sexy relaxed shots of me.

So cute it makes you ache…

It feels good to fetch me pretty things, then see me playing with them, doesn’t it pet?

And yes, I know how much you love being down there beneath me…

Just remember that that little thing you can’t stop rubbin’ does not impress me!

This photo is so sexy, so real, I love it. My girlfriend said that "This photo says ‘Oh yeah, I dare you to try
sneaking into my house in the middle of the night, motherfucker. It will be your last mistake, bitch!’"

I love the laser sights on this gun…. there is no doubting where the
danger zone is when the little red dot is on your forehead!

This photo says ‘Crawl over here, footbitch, and start sniffing those sweaty pantyhose feet… or else!" hehehe

I know. It feels good being addicted to such a fatale femme, hehe….

Now click the link below and JOIN my members site!
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Do not hesitate, boys…

Only $49.99 to gain access to the rest of this set NOW plus, of course, a shit-ton more fetish/worship videos and photo sets. Now click the link, stupid little loser boy,
get out your credit card and get ready for 30 days of addiction deepening!


7 thoughts on “Photos to take your breath away…

  1. your feet
    I need your hosed toes again Kyaa… please do another vid with sheer tan pantyhose and footshow – I’m getting totally crazy and cum like a little dog in my pants when I watch your damn fucking feet!


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