Youtube video update and twitvid uploads

I have just uploaded TWO new youtube videos! If you have any hope of pleasing me you will watch them both now, rate them with 5 stars, and leave a comment thanking me for the video. I am making it easy for you, dipshit, now you know something specific that you can do right now that will please me.  


I am also going through and reploading all my Philosophy of a Femme Domme videos onto twitvid! I know that some of you have missed the youtube videos which have been removed for "inappropriate content" so watch out soon for ALL of those to be available through twitvid by clicking below!


I am online tonight on NiteFlirt as well, so visit my Cam listing and watch my teaser there before buying my daily video and leaving feedback on NiteFlirt.  Click, pay, and maybe… perhaps…. I will let you stroke. Cumming, though, you will have to work very hard for that…

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6 thoughts on “Youtube video update and twitvid uploads

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    All praise be given in the holy name of Kyaa
    our Owner, our God.
    we Worship You.


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