megabucks & spenders, painsluts, losers, blackmail slaves and more

Although there has been some crappiness this past week (read my previous post) there has also been some really funny losers amusing me, some big spenders, blackmail slaves, painsluts and more.

First I want to mention that my pet  DID win my $2,300 ebanned auction last week, but he won’t be paying for a little while as I am allowing him to wait until his next paycheck comes through so he can pay me even MORE.  There will be further updates on this large tribute to come in the next week or so.

The second thing I want to share with my readers, be they losers or some of you lovely Dommes out there, is this loser:

I recorded our entire 90 min. session and took 10 minutes of highlights, a minute here, a minute there, so everyone can see a)what a good lil painslut this loser is, and b)how much fun I had making him cry like a bitch. A quick note though: yes I am aware that this loser is a whore-about-town, so to speak. I have seen him on multiple other blogs recently, and no I don’t give a shit. This particular loser has never promised himself to me and me alone, so he is free to be abused by whoever wishes to take the time to do so… though, I will admit, I enjoy using this particular slave because his limits are practcally non-existant. Next time I use him he will bleed for me!

Next comes the one and only, truly pathetic, completely fucking stupid, "russell briggs" of Wrightstown, NJ. I have this losers social security number, his mothers name and address, his work address and more. He begged me to blackmail him. I made him pay me $50 just to talk about it. I am not the type of Domme to allow any idiot to get into the dangerous realm of blackmail. It is no game, haha.

This loser drank most of a bottle of vodka while sniffing poppers the whole time, rubbed himself though his tight tight spandex pants (even though he was too drunk to stay hard) and even, yes, PISSED himself, and threw up twice! Unfortunately I only got a few seconds of him on video (which I cannot be bothered uploading, unless Im sending it to his mom) but this screen shot is enough for now. Unless this loser wants the rest of the information and screenshots I have of him posted here, and then sent to his work and his mommy, he will be paying weekly for my discretion.

There are other losers worth mentioning right now, but only because they have been SO fucking pathetically faithful and helpless in there constant addiction and obsession with me it is hard not to give them at least a little mention: both  and  have been very well behaved this last week. Both have suffered due to some mistakes on their part recently, but are still in my top 10 slaves due in no small part to the fact that they worship me daily and send confession to me daily, both are also currently attempting to ruin 100 orgasms for me because of one of my recent videos:

Ruin 100 Orgasms for me (which is now in my top 5 selling clips)
Are you another pathetic loser addicted to wanking? Do you stroke daily, cumming over and over again, unable to stop thinking about playing with your male member no matter how often you spank it? This clip is to all you jerk-junkys out there! I know there are a lot of you, and surely, at least some of you realize how unworthy you are of each of those orgasms! I am going to tell you how I want you to cum, how you are allowed to cum for ME! For your next 100 orgasms you will suffer. No more freebies, no more easy ride for your loser ass, it is time to pay up, and what I want is for each and every one of your next 100 orgasms to be ruin in my name!

or click below to shop for more clips!

There are a few other clips that have been recently added to my store that are just too good to be true:

Pussy-whipped Panty-slave
Making an addicted loser of mine pay over $200 for my panties isn’t a freak occurrence for me. The panties you will see me wearing in this video have already been mailed off to some lucky pervert, so as I tease you with them, turning you into my pussy-whipped panty-slave as well, you will know that if you beg hard enough, and are prepared to tribute enough, you might one day have the honor of stuffing your mouth with my moist thong as you kneel and jerk for me! Click and pay now, wanker! Get on your knees and worship my panties like you never have before! (960×540 and 9+ minutes long! I bet you cannot stroke through the whole video and not cum before I finish teasing you!)

or click the link below to buy at my store and to keep shopping for more:

and what may be the most sensual, seductive, teasing and down right fuckin HOT as SHIT video that I have made so far:

Cum Without Stroking for My Perfect Body
This video is 11 minutes long and too fucking sexy for you. No really, no do not deserve to even be allowed to pay as much as you are going to for this video. I made this video on Valentines Day and I was feeling sexy which you can really see here. Not only is my outfit one of the hottest, slinkiest, most risque outfits I have ever let you see me in, but I am really working you over in this clip with the way I show off and tease with my body.
I will have your unworthy cock oozing cum for my perky titties, tight ass, long legs and every other part of my Goddess body… all without ever letting you touch me or your dick!
Click and pay now, you will CUM but you will not stroke. I am too fucking beautiful, too heavenly to be so greedy as to wank while you watch me seduce your greedy cock with my young body, making you CUM without even touching it!

or click below to buy it at my website and shop for more clips:


That’s all for now, perverts. More clip updates, perhaps another free video, and more, coming up later tonight.

8 thoughts on “megabucks & spenders, painsluts, losers, blackmail slaves and more

  1. i’m totally addicted to you goddess
    I can’t stop to watch ur new clips “Domme Kyaa makes you cum without stroking” and “Domme Kyaa makes you ruin 1000 orgasms”, i’ve bought these clips there’re 2 days ago, and i can’t stop to watch it and to stroke for you till it hurts, you’r so gorgeous and your feet are a call to the masturbation, Domme Kyaa.

  2. i am a very lucky slave !
    Today my owner and God The Divine Domme Kyaa blessed me with a new slave name, given by Her!
    i am now “Kyaas_bard” and will be changing my name here and elswhere as soon as i can.


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