ohmyfuckinggod…. it’s been a long week for me. Since Monday I have had a funny though frustrating string of not-so-great luck. From my GF and I moving the new keg for our fancy kegarator (yeah, we have beer on tap in our sexpad of a house) and  us bumping a stack of specialty beers and sprits over we have been collecting for the last 2 years and it tipping over (breaking about half of the bottles) to visiting my in-laws (her parents) and having a really funny/awkward conversation about what I "do for work." Being young lesbians living in sin is one thing, but when one of us uses mens sexuality against  them to make a nice profit I think it starts to really weird most "vanilla" people out, haha. 

As a result I have not been online much. Also my GF and I have started thinking about MOVING again! Yes, there is only so much time left (6 monthsish) until we will be moving out of this house and into something (and this gets me excited in my special places) BIGGER! Oh it sounds horrible to say this, but with the housing market the way it is, we can find a really fucking sweet place to rent out for a couple of years that is more like a mansion than a house, and not for too much either.

Maybe I will think about letting one of you boys pay my rent for me, haha.

Anyway- this is just a quick update to let you losers know what I am up to, or at least have been up to. I am currently signed into NF though because my listings are still "pending" you cannot access them unless you click a direct link or have me in your "favorites." Until they have been reviewed and accepted I cannot edit them again (or else they go to the back of the queue) and so am not updating my daily video at the moment. I am still looking sexy as usual, and perhaps later I will even make a video for twittervid to post up here for you boys.

In the mean time here is a sexy photo I took on Valentines Day:

and don’t neglect my clips4sale page! I expect you to click and pay each time your stick gets hard for one of my HD videos, loser boy!

4 thoughts on “

  1. Domme Kyaa makes you cum without stroking” and “Domme Kyaa makes you ruin 1000 orgasms”
    i’ve bought these clips there’re 2 days ago, and i can’t stop to watch it and to stroke for you, Domme Kyaa, till it hurts like you want. U’r so beautifull and your body is so gorgeous and i’m so addicted to your feet that i can’t to pass a day without to jerk my little cock for you Mistress.

  2. New clip
    Divine One i just looked at the clip “Cum Without Stroking for My Perfect Body”. It made me hard just looking at the description and the picture! Just what will it do to me when i download and watch the clip?
    Just when i think i can never see anything hotter than Your last clip….POWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Another devastatingly sensual clip to make my mind explode with adoration and awe!!
    Just how i will manage to ruin my orgasms to this clip i do not know, but i do know i will have to.
    i worship You.

  3. In laws
    im sorry to hear that You lost some of Your drinks stash Divine One, that must of been very annoying to say the least ! Divine One, i would think the “in laws” would love You no matter what You do for a living, after all the only thing any parent wants for their child for them to be happy and, if i may be so bold as say, Your Girl friend must be deliriously happy to be with You !
    i do hope You find a house befitting You, a palace would be about right! May i say it makes me very happy to see You wearing the machine gun necklace, You make it look so good!


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