Niteflirt has suspended ALL of my listings for having a dildo in one of my photos. Damnit. Okay, yeah, I’m pissed at NF, but well, I knew better.  I know that they are strict on that stuff, and I put it up there not thinking about that fact… so… you cannot access my NF pages, and I cannot edit or updated them again until after they have been reviewed, which means no free video on NF for a couple of days!

I will post again later. If you are online and want to worship me you just need to email me (Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com) and mention your willingness to tribute for my time and I will return your email asap… then you will be able to send tribute to see me on cam via yahoo, skype or some other program.

Come on boys. I am feeling sadistic today, I want some painsluts and cuckolds to really abuse.

EDIT (about 20 mins later)

I have discovered that if you already  have one of my listings under your "Favorite Flirts" on NF, you CAN in fact find my listings and call me! My chat lines are on, cam line will be on later today. At least this way my usual slaves can contact me, tribute me, and amuse me. A day without seeing a man orgasm painfully at my feet would be rather boring.

One thought on “goddamnsonofacocksuckingwhore

  1. bad news
    im so sorry to hear this Divine One, i know this will cost You tributes from Your devotees, and without You the withdrawal symptoms could be fatal !
    i worship you.


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