Happy Love Day from Domme Kyaa

I made something for my pets, my rewarding the boys who read this blog daily, the good boys who click and pay daily and my faithful worshipers who would wither and fade without my guiding light… the fact that the rest of you lurking losers get to view this is well is just pure luck for you, ha!

Click the link below to be taken to Victorassecret.com where you can send me a gift card tribute so that your spoiling duties have been fulfilled for the day and you can then focus on stroking as long as possible for me!


Send the gift card to my email address Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com.
After you send the gift card Victorassecret.com will email you a confirmation of your purchase. Forward that email to me.
The email you will get will look like this:

This is from goodboy4kyaa who already sent $100 in VS gift card cash today.

That isn’t what I am wearing for the actual day though. I decided to go for a more anti-Valentines look today as you can see below:

Visit my NiteFlirt cam page now, boys, because you can see another amazing teaser video, this one showing off what I am wearing today so you can get yourself ready and wet for our call. Today the rate to worship me live on cam while we talk is just $2.99! Do not resist, it is not often I present such an opportunity, so use it well!


Call Button

I will be doing IGNORE CAM LIVE in this outfit via the fetish chat on Dommesandsubs.com today as well! Read my twitter for up to the minute information on exactally when you can catch me for FREE on dommesandsubs.com LIVE on cam as I take calls from boys on NF, make custom videos, eat my Valentines Day chocolates and more!

I have also posted up a new auction on Ebanned where you can find, yes ANOTHER sexy free teaser video. I am so damn kind to you boys… hehe, but it is Love Day and so I am feeling generous since so many have begun spoiling me today. It also might have something to do with the fact that my pet doctordorky won my last auction at just over $2,300, and is likely to be paying much more than that in hopes of impressing me!

My last auction results:

If you don’t have an Ebanned account GET ONE, there aren’t a lot of fees with this site and I use it often enough that is worth the effort to join so that you can see my auctions and more importantly, BID on them!
Visit Ebanned now to see this newest video and BID!


And last but not least I wanted to mention that my members site on c4slive has moved up a spot again, making it now #8 out of thousands of members sites hosted there…. so come join now. TODAY ONLY the rate for my members club will be $25, a VERY special rate for month long access to over 600 videos and 1000 photos that will feed your growing addiction and keep you stroking for hours each day.




6 thoughts on “Happy Love Day from Domme Kyaa

  1. Ruin 100 Orgasms number 7
    Today Divine One i had my 7th ruined orgasm in for You. i now realise that worshipping You is about You, not about me doing it for my own dirty cumming pleasure. Today as i was kneeling looking up at Your Divine perfection on my computer screen, stroking my worthless stick i began to understand, i kneel and pray to you because You are Divine, not for my pleasure, but to praise You ! Before this i was giving to much thought to my own pleasure and not enough to The Living God i worship.
    By the act of ruining my orgasms i have come to understand that pleasure comes from the act of worship and not cumming.
    Divine One if it pleases You i will attach a clothes peg to each of my nipples while stroking to add discomfort as a further reminder that my pleasure in unimportant,
    on my knees in prayer


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