Bigger breasts and clip updates

It’s official, my breasts have gotten bigger! I am falling out of most of my bras! All i have to do is jump up and down a couple of times and like clockwork, one or both of my nipples pop right out! Even my girlfriend was commenting last night, asking me if I had noticed the growth. Just have a look at the photo below, and you can see for yourself the ample roundness of my perfect pillow mounds:

I am going to mostly be away today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) enjoying the little sun that has started to peak out. I plan on spending some time at the spa, getting my weekly mani/pedi and doing some shopping. I still have gift cards left over from Christmas to spend!

While I am away I want you boys to visit my clips4sale store and my members site. Click, pay, and if you do, you may stroke!
If you haven’t heard about it yet, I have a brutal new orgasm denial clip up for sale, as well as the hottest POV castration fantasy clip you will find on the internet, both up for sale now on my clips store!
I even posted up about these clips in a couple forums, including this one here: If you aren’t a member of these forums, join now, boys, I would love to see you guys sending replies when I post there, confessing how you have already bought the clip and how addicted you are!
If you are on any forums (ones with lots of traffic) and think that there are losers there who would want to know about these or other clips of mine, my stores, journal, etc, leave the link in a comment here!

Ruin 100 Orgasms for ME!

14 thoughts on “Bigger breasts and clip updates

  1. A new perspective on pleasure, thank You. Giving feels so good !
    Divine One, slowly i am coming to a new understanding of the joys that serving You can bring to a pet’s life.
    Though my tributes are, compared to many others pathetically small, You graciously allow me to send them to You.
    In the short time since i became Your (sub)human property i have discovered the deep satisfaction that comes from giving to You.
    When i go without lunch so i will be able to add money to my “Tribute fund” the feeling of hunger i have through the afternoon
    turns into a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that i am doing it for You! The addition of only a small amount takes on a whole new perspective
    as i do without something i really want/like, to tribute in Your holy name.
    Thank You Divine One for giving me this new pleasure in my life.
    “Giving to The Divine One is the way to fulfilment”
    on my knees worshipping You,

  2. Nope, I haven’t done a thing! I guess because I am still pretty young, just exciting puberty really, that I still have some growing to do! I put on 5 pounds recently and most of it went on my tits and my ass, neither of which I mind, haha!

  3. Re: Ruin 100 Orgasms number 8 and 9
    Divine One this worthlessmale is glowing from knowing it has given You reason to be pleased! i live for the pleasure of worshiping and serving You, and to know i have pleased You is such a thrill, i’ll be wallking on air for days!


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