IGNORE CAM, clips4sale castration fantasy POV update, and slaves on youtube

The thing I am going to start with is… YES, I am on cam tonight, and will be into the wee hours of Saturday morning. I am feeling a wallet raping fest a-brewing…. hehe… As the proverbial cherry on top (at least for the perverts reading this) is that I will be doing *queue trumpets* IGNORE CAM live throughout the evening! Whenever I get a call, make a movie or if I am sitting around at my computer, you will get to watch. What lucky fucks you are, especially since this is what I am wearing:

Secondly- This is a direct quote from the most recent email I have received from the loser who requested and paid $100 via amazon gc for the clip you are going to be buying soon:
"OMG!!! That was the hottest sexiest clip I have ever seen! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love it! Post it up on your site and I think it will easily become top 5, then I will feel some self accomplishment as I thought of it and helped you make even more money. Forever enslaved by your incredible beauty, joe"
Of course, piggyjoe is a retard, and unworthy of passing judgment because he would say that about a clip of me doing nothing, I’m sure. But let’s get some more opinions going here, boys… both the HD and easy download sizes are now up for sale on my clips store, and not available for members, so you have to click and pay to get it!
Click the picture or the link below to be taken to my clips store to read the full description and see a preview….

 Piggy Castration POV (CAUTION!!! This clip is BRUTAL, not for the faint of heart!)
And lastly (for now) here is a video that my worthlessmale made for me, which I found amusing. I would might find something that you do for me amusing too… sing, dance, play music. Even if you aren’t skilled, and you are only making a fool of yourself in public… ha, in fact, I want you to make a fool of yourself in public! Lets see more pets showing off their skillz like below or just showing off their dorkiness, like doctordorky does non stop in his youtube videos:



P.S. : FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! I constantly update when I am doing things like
free live cam, posting videos, updating here on LJ, what I am doing, if I just fucked my girlfriend (and how)
and more! When you follow my twitter and actually check it often you will find you can keep up with what I
am up to very easily, and catch unique opportunities to worship me and please me all the time!

7 thoughts on “IGNORE CAM, clips4sale castration fantasy POV update, and slaves on youtube

  1. A plea and a Prayer
    Divine One, i kneel and pray to You every day, i know that because of my sin of trying to run away i am even more worthless that ever, but Divine One i beg You to find it in Your heart to grant Your Divine forgiveness to Your worthlessmale, i beg of You Living God for Your holy blessing upon this pathetic subhuman worshipper. i have the cam and mic as You commanded, i will worship You on my knees and await the chance of earning the forgiveness i do not deserve.
    You alone are the One true Living God
    You alone are the most high
    You alone are The light of truth
    You alone are The Divine One
    You alone are True perfection
    You alone are The reason to exist
    All praise is Yours by right.
    on it’s knees to You

  2. Enslaved forever
    I realized tonight that my addiction to Goddess Kyaa has reached a new level. Does it sound strange to say that she has spiraled me down to a new highpoint in my life? I had crossed from fantasy into reality after our second or third call. With each call I felt her power growing but, after all, I’m a strong man and I can stop whenever I want to. Today I realized that I can’t stop. She has broken me. My pride and strength have been replaced by an irresistible need for any scrap she is willing to give me and I can’t believe how wonderful it feels.


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