IGNORE CAM, ebanned, and NF buttons to click!

Hey boys…. guess what…

I’m doing LIVE IGNORE CAM TODAY! Already a couple of losers got to see me take the photos you see below. Under that you can see a screenshot I took just after the photos of what the losers are chatting about.

This is what I am wearing on cam today… don’t drool on your keyboard. If it shorts out, you won’t be able to pay tribute to my perfection.

Send tribute to my perfect ass now, before you lose control of your dick and spray it all over yourself.

Click below to buy a full set of photos. full size HD, and featuring closeups of my belly,
sneakers, and tight short shorts- front and back!


Here is the Dommesandsubs.com chat:

Go join now to get your daily dose of humiliation and worship!

In other news, the Ebanned auction is continueing to climb. At $200+ now, losers are already falling out of the race, while others push to impress me with bid after bid after bid…


you may also send me Amazon.com gift cards to show how
thankful you are. Click below to be taken to Amazon.com.
My email address is Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com.
Get out your credit card and send tribute now, pets!

9 thoughts on “IGNORE CAM, ebanned, and NF buttons to click!

  1. Thank You so so much for Your ignore cam session last night Domme Kyaa.
    You had me drooling and dripping for what seemed like an eternity!
    I was so addicted I could not leave and i cant wait until You are on cam again!

    Princess Kyaa= the BEST..pure and simple..she is so full of perfection it’s almost scary..to say i’m infatuated would even be considered a huge understatement of what i feel for her now ..she’s so HOT it isn’t fair to the lesser women out there, (i.e “the rest”) lol.. she truly deserves EVERYTHING, to be on top of the world..forever and ever..i’d give my own life for that to happen! she.is. P.E.R.F.E.C.T! unfortunately we all live in such an IMperfect world ,clearly..because if it were, EVERYONE would be serving Domme-GODdess Kyaa! She is “THE ULTIMATE” femdomme! One. and ONLY..
    that’s all there is to it! XxCraigP. (a.k.a ‘LittleDickVirginBoy’)


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