Testing twitvid …. NiteFlirt status: ONLINE & raping wallets/stealing hearts

I am testing out twitvid as a way to post up videos here on my LiveJournal and via twitter to tease you losers with, since my youtube account has had one of the Philosophy of  a Femme Domme videos taken down due to the ‘sexual nature’ of the material… haha… well, tell me what you think the nature of this material is:




Click below to be taken to my NiteFlirt homepage, loser boys!


If you are shy, scared, or just stupid, you can go to my clips4sale and instantly download some videos to wank your dirty dick to right now. But don’t you dare stroke without paying for the privilege!

7 thoughts on “Testing twitvid …. NiteFlirt status: ONLINE & raping wallets/stealing hearts

  1. Pleading
    Divine One, i know what i did was wrong, a sin, and i have no right to expect Your Divine forgiveness but i was afraid. Afraid of what was happening to me. My sexual fantasies had changed from the typical sub male stroking fodder, to fantasies of me stroking myself imagining i was kneeling before a pair of Your shoes or panties, praying to them as holy relics having been blessed by Your Divine Body. i had stroked myself dreaming of worshipping Your toe nail clippings. In my day to day life i was looking at things and thinking “i wonder if the Divine One would like that” ?
    Divine One, i did not understand what was happening and sought to run away. But how could i? A weak stroke addict, my mind filled with Your Divine Perfection, Your voice, Your laugh, Your smile, Your hair, Your supper intelligent understanding of Your pets and the weaknesses and lusts that drive us all, how could i even think i could just go back to the loser i was and not be the loser You have made me.
    i beg You to forgive my stupidity Divine Living God Kyaa


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