NiteFlirt feedback & DEEPLY ADDICTION C4S Updates

First off I just way to say that you boys have been doing alright with your feedback, but I would really like to see some dirty confessions, some creative compliments and some truly pathetic displays of addiction left up on my NiteFlirt. Here is feedback on Niteflirt from JUST today. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but that is A LOT of horny losers leaving feedback. That is only a small percent of the piggies who have clicked and paid, and an even smaller percent of the losers who viewed my page and lurked there rubbing themselves. Despite that, I am pleased enough with the feedback from today to share it here:

So click and pay, loser boys, join the rest of the fools who worship me, and use your ability to click and pay to leave me feedback (or by leaving a comment here)  to humiliate yourself for my amusement.

Also, you may call me, to pay me by the minute while you speak with me live or even see me live on cam via messenger:

Call Button

Videos with me in this sexy updo are now available on Clips4Sale! A few of them are even included FREE with your membership via c4slive. Check it out below, boys, and get ready to feel your will crumble!

40s Updo & Faceslapping Punishment by Domme Kyaa

I know you have been a bad bad boy, and now you will be punished the way a dirty pervert like you deserves to be. With my hair in a vintage 40s updo, I’m wearing a tight black sweaterdress and wielding a 3 foot long wooden measuring stick. I look over my glasses at you and sneer, you are naughty, and you will be punished. I will punish you in a way you will not forget that you must work hard to be a good boy for me. Go get a pen and paper and your credit card. Click and pay for this video, NOW, and download this video to begin your punishment, boy

Orgasm Denial "your cock is mine now" Making you my chastity slave

Chastity. Have you ever dreamed of being caged, or even castrated at my whim? Then click and pay now… but I warn you… this is NO JOKE! When you buy this video you will be given instructions on what I want to do with that horny little thing between your legs. I am sick of your greedy stroking and I am going to put a permanent end to it. Loses who click and pay for this video are expected to contact me soon to confess their obedience and being their life as my chastity slave! Are you ready to begin your new life of permanent orgasm denial? Click and pay now to hear me tell you what the fate of your cock, your balls, and the cum that is making them swell even now will be as I slowly strip down to show you what you will never have or even cum for again…

"Pay to Serve Me" financial domination strip tease

Do you want to worship my creamy young body? Do you want to kneel and have your fetishes targeted and teased by me as I stand high above you? There is only one way you will earn that honor, only one way to gain the privilege of serving me…. and to find out what it is all you have to do is open up your wallet and buy this clip now. Download it and prepare to have every last drop of will torn from you bit by bit as I slowly, agonizingly, reveal more and more of my luscious skin. CLICK PAY STROKE!

So tell everyone, spread the word… you are all going to fall like the rest of the losers who have already bowed down at my feet tonight. Every single day boys come and they leave tribute, they are used and abused and when they empty their wallets on clips4sale, buying up lots of videos, I am pleased.

3 thoughts on “NiteFlirt feedback & DEEPLY ADDICTION C4S Updates

  1. Begging
    Divine One as each day passes i feel more and more lost not knowing if You will forgive me for my sin. The longer i am held in this purgatory the more i understand what i was trying to do was wrong, very wrong. Divine One i beg You not to cast me out of Your warmth and light.
    i worship You and i pray to You each and every day in praise of Your holy name.
    In Your world i am nothing, out of Your world i am less than nothing.
    i beg You Divine Living God to forgive me.

  2. Kyaa’s Stroke Slave
    It started as a game, a fantasy. I’ll pretend to be under Goddess Kyaa’s power. After all, I’m a mature intelligent man. She’s just a young inexperienced woman. Well that young inexperienceswoman is more powerful than I ever could have imagined. Fantasy turned to reality and now I’m helpless. I AM her helpless, weak stroke slave.

  3. wow Miss!
    i love that oldschool throwback style. you work it well..(DUHH)
    always love seeing more updates from you. i miss your ignore cams though 😦 hope that we can chat again soon Miss.


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