Clips4Sale Updates = CLICK PAY STROKE time for MY pets!

I am ALWAYS updating. I have had people ask me how it is that I update so often, and well, the answer is simple. I don’t have to try hard to make something that some loser is awed by. I do a lot of custom clips, many of which end up on my clips4sale store, and I am always doing clips of whatever sexy thing I am dressed in that day…. here are the past few weeks highlights though. I want you to click and pay for 2 videos, and then comment here and tell me what videos you bought and what your initial reactions to each of them were. I price my videos very fairly, so even if you are poor you can buy the non-HD versions and still be a good boy without having to go bankrupt quite yet.

There is no getting away from your instructions, boys. Get out your credit cards, and click, pay, stroke!

Again, simplified for you idiotlosers:

2 clips minimum, from the list below, then post your reactions here as a comment!

OBEDIENCE IS REWARDED! Do not disappoint me!

"Chances of Making Me Cum" SPH Panty Tease

Ever wondered if you could make a woman cum with your tiny penis? What about me, huh? Ever thought thoughts you know you aren’t worthy of, like thoughts of what my sweet pussy might look like when I’m cumming hard… but a loser like you, with only a little wet stiffy between your legs, could never make me cum. Not even in your wildest dreams is that piece of sissy-flesh ever going to be hard enough, big enough, or last long enough to please me…. and video is going to make sure you understand that fully. Click, pay and stroke that dicklet NOW, sissy!

POV Under Desk Ignore Foot Tease

In this under desk ignore video you are verbally brought into the video by being told that you are going to be ignored and to keep quiet, I even tell you if and how you may play with yourself while you are ignored. Then I slip my heels off and begin flexing my feet and toes…. how long can you last, hm, footslave?

Nailtapping Stroke Instructions

o my red nails tapping make you wet? Are you hard, thinking of me drumming them faster and faster as I laugh at you? Then click pay and stroke, to see if you can keep up, loser boy!

Piggy Destruction: Goddess in Black Stiletto Boots Crushes Plastic Xmas Pig
Some loser sent me a little musical plastic pig full of candy for Christmas. The toy oinks "jingle bells" at the slightest touch. From the moment I saw the thing I knew I wasn’t keeping it for long. It is a dorky lil piggy, that makes too much noise, and only has so much to give (ie the candy)… once the candy was gone it was time to put my boots on…. are you ready to feel crushed too, huh piggy? This is what happens when you get me something that reminds me too much of you, haha!

Gusset Sniffing Pantyhose Pervert

Does the cotton patch on the crotch (aka the "gusset") make your cock drip? Does the idea of my dirty gusset turn you on so hard it hurts? Good, then click and pay NOW loser boy… I am going to turn your pantyhose fetish into a full on addiction for my the wet gusset of my sheer pantyhose!

Shopping Piggy Slave 01-23-10

Have you ever bought me anything pretty? Haven’t you? I have so many wishlists you can shop from, it is time you join the ranks of piggy oinkers who have clicked and paid to be able to buy something sexy or slinky or shiny for me. In this clip I am wearing a silver Ed Hardy necklace that I got from a good boy for Xmas. I tease with my long hair, sexy fingers, and hot hot hot cleavage, making it impossible for you to think about anything but wanting me to take your cash and play with it like I do the cash and silver necklace in this clip!

Domme Kyaa, Emily and Elizabeth IGNORE you 01-08-2010

After making one teaser clip we decided to take a short break before plastic wrapping Elizabeth in the next…. and one of us had accidentally left one of the cams in the room running! That meant that for the next 20 minutes as we teased losers watching us live via another camera on my laptop, giggling, making fun of losers, talking, play fighting, and more… if you watch carefully, my dear camerawhore of a friend Emily even flashes the losers watching on the other cam and you get to see some nip-slips! No you aren’t worthy of this, but it is SO amazing to see us in our natural states like this, totally ourselves, just sitting around, being perfect.

Giantess Crushing you In Torn Up Pantyhose

I have caught you, little man, and I don’t think you have a single reason for me to let you live… Standing tall above you with my long long skyscraper legs towering over you I laugh, relishing my power over you. There is no escape, you can try begging, though I’m sure you will just be another tiny pervert crushed by my pantyhose ass, legs, or feet!

CLICK PAY STROKE, boys! Show me how much you want
me to post up LOTS of HOT photos for you to wank to!

One thought on “Clips4Sale Updates = CLICK PAY STROKE time for MY pets!

  1. Goddess Kyaa memo to losers
    i have had the privilege to kneel below Goddess Kyaa and watch five of these videos through my clips4sale membership,which i will never again be without,and highly recommend to all addicted stroke slaves. Her “nail tapping stroke instruction”video,is the perfect video exercise to learn control of dick stroking,to stoke in rhythm of Her tapping nails.”under desk ignore”video ,what i immediately thought was,i am so jealous of that piggy,i want to be where that lucky pig is.for this mornings worship i worshipped Goddess Kyaa through Her”giantess crushing in torn pantyhose”i could only think please crush me slowly Goddess Kyaa,please let me die being smothered by Your fucking magnificent young cum really could not be contained any loner as i squirted to”gusset sniffing pantyhose pervert”by worshipping Goddess Kyaa Cotton patch i was as close as i think i will ever get to having my slutty face between Her perfect cum just came squirting out all over my hand ,there was no way i could stop it.and last but not least the video that had my mind engulfed yesterday– holy sunday–“shopping piggie slave” Goddess Kyaa is absolutely beautiful in this holy video.all day thinking how true it is ,but i did not realize it,that i am in love with buying Her pretty things,a wide arrange of thought went through my loser mind all day,how good it feels to give Her presents, money, my pride,then how inadequate i am ,how much i need to improve to really please Her.i even thought i would sacrifice the privilege of jerking off to Her if i could in turn be able to buy Her all the finest things in life.even i know that is unrealistic,i am addicted to Goddess Kyaa,i must stroke my sissy cock to Her to have any sanity at i will learn to sacrifice life style more,and work harder so She can spend money freely and i can shower Her with i worshipped Goddess Kyaa this morning in pantyhose and panties that have once touched Her young gorgeous body– words cannot describe that feeling,goosebumps,tingling,total extacy.[these precious pantyhose and panties actually fit me well],i am eternally thankful to Goddess Kyaa for letting me earn them ,because i do know this is as close as i will ever be allowed to my savior,Goddess is very intimate to be to have things that has touched Her beautiful skin.i desire so much more so i am off to work to start a new week of being the proud slave of Goddess Kyaa


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