Chart climbing, ebanned auctions, NiteFlirt 2 year anniversary & slave pictures

So this is going to be a post with a few different points of interest in it, a bit disjointed, but fuck it. Instead of making a few different blog posts I’m just throwing it all together as one post.

  • To start with, my members site on Clips4Sale is climbing the charts! Spread the word. The $50 you will spend for 30 days access to over 500 of my fetish and humiliation videos will cause the most powerful addiction you have yet to experience… so don’t say I didn’t warn you, hehe.


  • My current ebanned auction has got some rather competitive losers on it right now, so if you aren’t already bidding, watch out, you will have to watch that auction like a hawk until it is done if you want to be lucky enough to get my juicy dirty hosiery. The real news is though, is that for the next few months I will be putting up at least 3 auctions a month! From pantyhose, to very worn heels, shoes, slippers, panties, stepped on food, hair clippings, and more! I will be posting up more about this ebanned auction streak next week when I put up another auction!
  • Next month will mark the 2 year mark for my account on NiteFlirt. I will be running some specials, even some lower rate cam times, but they will be random and on the fly. Keep an eye out here so that you can be clued in to when a special is running on NiteFlirt. Check on my Twitter to find out when/if I am logged into NiteFlirt.

And last but not least:

The first ever pictures of !

One thought on “Chart climbing, ebanned auctions, NiteFlirt 2 year anniversary & slave pictures

  1. As ordered, I’ve changed my live journal name to kyaas_hypnoslav. This is a real description of who I’ve become. I can’t believe how quickly Goddess Kyaa has transformed me. Her intelligence and beauty were impossible to resist. My weakness grew minute by minute until I became her possession. Perversely, I want her control to grow stronger and stronger until I get to the point where I am unable to deny any request she makes. Demands for money, personal information and anything else she desires will be insignificant because she owns my soul.


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