Emily & Elizabeth’s shoot 01-08-2010- the results are in

Hot damn is right, loser!

Have you seen my clips store recently? I have been updating with the videos we did on the 8th of this month when they spent 2 nights at my place, slaying losers on ignore cam, taking calls with me on NF, and making a ton of hot clips. We drank, we laughed, and we made some of the sexiest lesbian domination and triple team clips you have seen yet, loser boy…

Ready to see these two lick a pair of heels for the first time? Click the photo to taken to this clip on my c4s store now!

3 hot asses in jeans tease you and make you beg to know what panties we are wearing:

Emily and I use a giant roll of plastic wrap to mummify a willing but slightly scared Elizabeth, come see the very sexy results:
Part 1:http://www.clips4sale.com/store/23738/3051268
Part 2:http://www.clips4sale.com/store/23738/3061095

And that is just a small portion of the fun that was had! When you visit my clips store you will find these clips and more:

Domme Kyaa opens her Xmas 09 presents with Emily & Elizabeth

Domme Kyaa with Emily & Elizabeth – Virgin Cocksuckers Dick-Licking Lesson

Domme Kyaa with Emily & Elizabeth – little dicks vs. big dicks candid convo

So what I want you to do, my little horny stroker, is get out your credit card, and rush over to my clips4sale store. I want you to buy up ALL the clips you can find with Emily and Elizabeth in them so I can send  tell them how much you losers love to see them in my clips. They are possibly moving away and it would be sad to not see them as often. The more you  buy their clips, the more often they will come back!

On a sidenote! Valentines Day is coming up! I put together a simple wishlist with some jewlery, chocolates, toys, etc… even some flowers! Yes, you can buy me red roses for Valentines Day. Ask me to OWN you for Valentines Day. Forgo the regular "Be mine" sweetnothings and ask me to "Own me" or even "Ruin me" hehe.. yes that is unconditional love. Show me, show me how much you love me on Feb. 14th, with presents from this wishlist. Also accepted will be CASH TRIBUTES, GIFT CARDS and if you are ready to really SPEND for me this V-Day, then drop me a line (Domme.Kyaa(at)Gmail.com) and beg me to allow you to try to impress me!



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