NiteFlirt status update & loser picture post

The last three days have been filled with some really amusing losers…. but first:

My doctordorky has gone away on a work related trip. Before he went he promised that he would look into helping in Haiti somehow. I have a few MD’s as pets and I think that even if you can’t get into Haiti right now, a lil trip away with Doctors Without Borders, or another group, would really show me how dedicated you are. Donating to the cause is fine too, but I still need to find someplace that isn’t religiously affiliated. I don’t want you donating to a group that is just going to try to convert as they administer aid. Already one loser has said that he sent a donation in my name, and that makes me smile, so join him, boys, and make a donation to the cause in Haiti!

On the loserdom front, there have been drunk sluts, painsluts, a sissies and more lining up to be abused by me. I have had a couple of particularly amusing, lucrative and lengthily sessions that really beg to be mentioned in more detail though.

One started on Wednesday when a new lil loser calling himself "clipbytch" or "sissy stephen" contacted me. At first he called, then he just started tributing large amounts. It took me less than two hours to have ALL of his information. I mean, I might have his social somehwere in amongst all the data I have screenshots off!  I know I have his real full name, the names of the hospitals he works in (oh yeah, did I mention, that the whole time he was on call?!) his wife’s name and email and phone number, full home address…. and it goes on, credit card numbers… this loser was a treasure trove of information and cash that was just begging to be taken without any adieu.
This loser was fucking his ass, his face, writing all over himself, drinking his piss over and over again… and spending large amounts of money. Eventually I got bored with him, and he started running out of money. I told him I was going and he begged and he begged… then he begged me to blackmail him. I told him that I was going to want $535 for an hour of my time, that it was due Friday, or ALL the information I had on him was going to be posted right here. An hour went by and he begged for more time, to make him pay more… but I decided that he had had enough for one day.

Friday arrives and before I can even get out of the shower my money is in my account. Not long after another $200 was sent for, oh, maybe 5 minutes of cam time with my ass while he jerked off in a pink skirt/panties combo thing that he had on under his suit at work.
In the last 3 days he has spent over $1000, when clips4sale is included.

This is obviously just the beginning with this bitch.


The second slut that comes to mind is one of my personal painsluts. I love playing with this bitch, seriously. Why? Because he can actually really take a beating! I started by putting him in his wifes bra and panties, complete with thick lipstick on his whore lips. He gagged on a carrot for a while then fucked his ass with it. Then the clothespins went on and the spatula came out. I had him beat his balls so hard, he was aching, screaming out, which I just laughed at. All in all he ended up figging himself multiple times (a new experience for him), covering his balls and nipples in clothepins and tying them to an open door then slamming it shut to pull them off one by one, he tied his balls til they looked ready to pop then used the spatula on them over and over again til I made him beg yes BEG for mercy, almost in tears, his cock and balls red and purple all over. He was also drinking copious amounts of beer and vodka the whole time, haha.
I had a riot playing with this slut for a little over an hour and a half this morning, with him spending $450 on NiteFlirt.

I am online now, and I will be all night long! I wasn’t on much during the week today, and I will be gone all of Monday and perhaps some of Tuesday as well, so get your worshiping in NOW! Come see me on NiteFlirt where you can find a super HOT video of me in what I am wearing RIGHT NOW up for you to view for free… then you can click and pay and for less than $4 get an extended teaser video that will drive you to the brink if you are not careful!

Call Button

Is this going to be your first time calling? Do you want to know what it will be like? Check out some feedback from today and the past few days below. These boys know what it is like to serve and obey….

4 thoughts on “NiteFlirt status update & loser picture post

    that is awesome Ma’am. maybe the doctor can perform some surgery on himself :). lol glad to hear that all has been well on your behalf this past week, hope to talk again soon Miss.
    p.s. hope you approved of my blog


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