Xmas Vacation Photos

Hello there, my pets. I arrived home last Tuesday (the 29th of Dec) and have been pretty continuing my vacation time since then. I thought I might do a few clips or be on cam more this week but I have discovered that I am really enjoying relaxing at home. I had a blast in CA (as you can see in the photos below) but to come home to my girlfriend and my house and then to just take it easy for another week… ahhhh… it feels so good. I have been spending a lot of time naked or just in some PJs, sipping on a drink and lounging on my giant 8" round liberator fuckpad…


I haven’t even opened the presents that you boys bought from my Xmas 09 wishlist! I plan on going through those tomorrow, and will be taking a nice long clip of me doing it too!

So my trip was 11 days. I spent time visiting friends all over CA actually. I know a lot of girls who live down there which means I spent a little time in quite a few cities, but not long in any of them. I spent my first night in Redding with a girl I went to high school with. Then onto Sacramento, where I spent 1 night. I hate that city really, but a friend of mine is going to university there so meh. After that I spent most of the next week around the bay area, staying all over the place. I know a lot of people in the bay area, I would live there except I prefer the cooler weather where I am at now in the PDX area. After xmas I headed back up the coast, enjoying the views for the most part. I really love the coast there in Northern CA and Southern OR, it is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Overall I took very few photos.I was super busy and mostly taking photos of friends I haven’t seen in ages. This trip was for me, not for you, haha. I did make sure to get a few photos, mostly when I was in and around SF…. and here they are:

This was taken in front of some theme-park. I spent all of 3 three there with a couple of friends, riding roller coasters,eating too much crappy food and having a fucking total blast.

Shopping in downtown SF, day 4.

I am in Union Square, downtown SF, obviously. The skating rink is soooo pathetic.

Another shot of me in Union Square in downtown SF. When I first saw this photo after coming back home I thought that this is perfect for you boys. Why? Because you can really tell EXACTLY where I am in this shot. Anyone can go there and sit on that little spot and they will be sitting in the same exact spot I once sat. I have never posted a photo before where anyone can look at it and tell by what is in the photo where in the world I am, exactly. Now what you can do is make a trip to SF and go downtown. Visit Union Square and sit down there, in that spot my perfect Goddess ass has graced. The thing to do though is to double up on the panties you wear when you go, so the wetspot isn’t as likely to soak through your pants.

And a second, close up shot of me in the same spot.

Taken Xmas eve after we went out for drinks. My girlfriends couldn’t stop giggling at the thought of how excited this photo would make you losers.I mailed this photo and three others out early Xmas morning for $10. Hundreds of losers have already paid that fee to see this photo full size and uncut. That cute sweater was bought and paid for by doctordorky.

Taken by me on Christmas morning. I stayed at a girlfriends place in some suburb apx. 30 miles inland from SF. I forget what the place was called by it was swanky. She has a very nice house that was left to her a few years ago and so we partied it up Xmas even, all day Xmas and on Boxing day too. (BTW- for you losers who don’t know what Boxing day is, just look it up.) This is some pretty little ring that I got amongst my other presents that morning. The background in that photo is actually the PJ pants I’m wearing, which were bought by doctordorky not long before I left for my trip.

Daaaamn. I snapped this Xmas afternoon. It’s just a random self portrait, but damn. I am so kind to share this with you for free and not just make you pay for the honor as per usual…

A hat that a girlfriend of mine got me since I kept trying to steal hers. Now we have matching hats. Taken Xmas day.

OK… that’s all for now, I will be posting again later tonight to update you guys on the triple-team photoshoot this weekend, ignore cam times, and more.

7 thoughts on “Xmas Vacation Photos

  1. Re: Welcome home Domme – happy healthy new year
    Most certainly. I’ve got an incredible idea for a one page erotic story of a perfect seduction immediately creating an ultimate humiliation. I will be glad to give you the by-line. I’ll put it up asap.


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