First night on NiteFlirt in 2010!

I just signed in on NiteFlirt for the first time since I got back from CA and for the first time this year! My lines weren’t on for a full minute before I got a call that lasted a half hour! The cash is flowing steady already, and I suspect it will last through the night! So get in line, boys, and CALL NOW! There is a new free teaser video up on my cam page, so click the link below to go to my NiteFlirt cam line now and check out what I am wearing…
Click, pay, stroke! Call to worship me live on cam! Don’t forget to buy my ID’s first!!
Tonight is going to be…

One thought on “First night on NiteFlirt in 2010!

  1. Amazing
    Divine One you are more than amazing You a the definition of Perfection, every picture,clip, and word from You and of You makes this pathetic worshiping drone need You more and more.
    i know my true place is on my knees looking up at You in total and unrelenting worship and devotion.
    i worship You Living God Kyaa.


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