Domme Kyaa’s Going Away Post: Off on Vacation, while you Click and Pay!

Hey there boys! Here is one last HOT photo from me before I stop giving a shit until I get back from my trip:

Today was my last day on NiteFlirt, and my last day available to losers this year for cam time or chat time! There is now a suuuuper hot extended free teaser video up on my cam page, so do get over there so you can kneel and stroke for it at least once while I am away. (Though I know that many many many of you will be jerkin it over and over to that hot video.)

CLICK HERE to got to my NiteFlirt and see the free teaser video,. Remember, if you wanna play with that thing of yours, you have to CLICK and PAY first, bitch! So get your credit card out and CLICK!

Since I am going to be going away for so long, I made sure to get all the videos for this series up before today. Now the Orgasm Obedience Masturbation 7 Day Challenge finished and up for sale, complete with an extra hot reward video for the GOOD BOYS who finish the challenge!I will post a few more clips on my store this year, so keep checking back for new stuff, even if you have all the Orgasm Obedience videos already! I did notice this today:

I’m at #13 currently for c4s live member sites! Join now while my members site is still
only $49.95 and has over 500 clips and 500 HD photos!


Complete the challenge! Begin with the “Introduction” video, then buy all 7 days of Mystery Stroke Instructions, and if you can make it through all each day stroking obediently, cumming only if, when and how I tell you to, then you can buy the Obedient Stroker Reward Video and that will give you instructions on how you can get your personal reward for making it through this beginners challenge!

Click here to go to the Introduction Video


Click here for Day 1

Click here for Day 2

Click here for Day 3

Click here for Day 4

Click here for Day 5

Click here for Day 6

Click here for Day 7

And after you have finished them all… Click and pay for the Reward Video that goes with this series and follow the instructions there to get your own personal reward video, free!

Click here for the Reward Video (ONLY after you buy all of the above videos and complete the challenge to earn the honor!)

ALSO: SHOP ON MY CHRISTMAS WISHLIST! So many have already bought me gifts, join them! I will be rewarding all good shopping slaves!

One thought on “Domme Kyaa’s Going Away Post: Off on Vacation, while you Click and Pay!

  1. This is Great my Divine Goddess Kyaa; i have just purchased the Introduction video it’s Great. You are simply Divine as Always. i am going to have to dedicate my dick to You for almost 3 weeks however due to my lack of funds at this time. i do plan on purchasing them all for sure.
    Happy Holidays my Divine Goddess Kyaa and Thanks for the Gorgeous photo above.


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