Busy Goddess Kyaa

Today I am broadcasting an ignore cam in a video chat room on Dommesandsubs.com. Check out some screen shots below. I know you dorks will LOVE chatting with each other, amusing me with your clucking and fussing over how you can work harder to please me, how much you worship the ground I walk on, yadda, yadda…. haha… no really, this is so funny I sent it to my girlfriends.


For the most part I sit at my desk and you get to see my feet and my legs, but when I get a call or make a clip I move the cam so you guys get to peep in on the action! All you have to do is join up at Dommesandsubs.com, then (unless you are already a regular) you will need to prove you are a spending piggy by sending me a $25 amazon.com gift card. I will then have your account verified which will allow you to view my ignore cam for as long as I have it on, anytime I have it on, and your verification doesn’t need to be done again, ever!

In the chat logs above you can see that one of the losers is especially pathetic, and knows it. Going by ‘ ‘ he is really named chris and is now utterly addicted, and committed to his new religion of Kyaaism. Read his blog here… http://worthlessmale.livejournal.com/

Other slave journals you should read are:

(though you need to send me a message so I can tell him to add you as a friend to be able to read his posts due to getting in trouble at work for being too obvious)
aaand of course I want to mention for just being a good lil whore for all the lovely ladies of LJ out there. If you are a Domme or a sub, check his blog out, there is a lot of interesting stuff posted there about hot ladies and lowly losers alike. (I’m a little alliterate today, hehe)

Just so you boys know: Tuesday-Sunday of this week, I will be ON CAM via NiteFlirt, available for you to call just to talk or to see me on cam (Yahoo, skype, MSN). I will be online early til late, perhaps even all night some of this week. Why? Because I’m going away next week for 2 weeks and I know how much you losers need to worship me… so get your worship time in NOW!

And one more thing for you boys, for now:

6 thoughts on “Busy Goddess Kyaa

  1. Wow this is amazing, the way those two speak is already how I’m beginning to feel. So funny that one was 52 and the other 51.I’m 40,so makes me feel young to read that .


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