Youtube video and holiday trip update

Also… check out my new youtube update. Just a quickie since I’m so busy pre-holiday trip.

YES! I said holiday trip. That means I’ll be away for 2 weeks, starting on the 16th of December! I am going South, for some sun and fun. I plan on hitting up a bunch of places in CA, roller coasters, shopping, siteseeing, etc, etc. I will be having a blast and will be AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER the whole time. That means, NO I won’t chat with you while I’m gone, NO videos will be made (though my clips store will be updated for me while I’m gone) and NO my NiteFlirt lines will not be on.
So, you need to get as much Goddess Kyaa worship time as you can afford under your belt before I go away. I will be spending heaps of time signed into NF and updating my clips store before I go so you have lots of ways to worship me.

7 thoughts on “Youtube video and holiday trip update

  1. Goddess is Using me as i write this
    This is dorkymcretard and Goddess is using me as i write this; clicking paying and stroking on NF as She is laughing and laughing; turned me into a brain dead dummy and is taking advantage

  2. Goddess the idea You useing me to do your laundry sends shiver down my spine, to serve you in any way would be a great honour. reading the jurnal of “goodboy4kyaa” i can se i have a long way to go, a very long way.


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