Christmas Wishlist, Turkey-Day Domination, and Clips4Sale updates!

I have started, and filled up, my Christmas 2009 wishlist! So many piggies are confused as to what they should buy for me, how they can please me this holiday season. To avoid confusion, since your already simple minds go mushy when you begin thinking of spending money on me, I have put together this wishlist on

Even if you live overseas (yeah you, fluffernutter, sissy cindy, my froggy frenchboy and the rest of you I have yet to name) or are located closer, even if you only have $10 to your pathetic name… you can shop for me on this wishlist! All you need is a credit card! If, for whatever reason, you are unable to shop off of Amazon for me, just email me and tell me why it is you cannot, and I will help you figure out how you can make sure I get at least a small tribute by Christmas.

There are 100 items on this wishlist. I don’t think it will be much of a stretch to get them all bought by the end of the year… yes, that’s the best part! Since I am leaving a full week before Christmas to spend the last 2 weeks of the year in the Southern CA sun, all gifts that arrive in December will be saved up and opened the week after Christmas. I will be broadcasting this massive gift opening event LIVE on cam, as well as recording it to sell on my Clips4sale store, but the piggies who get to see it live will have to have actually bought something off the list!

This is a screen shot from page 4 of my wishlist. Just so you piggies know, these are some of the items I want the most! The flipflops I wear out to get my pedicures are getting worn out, so these Ed Hardy flip flips are highly coveted. Also , just think how hot it would be to be the one who gets to buy me my new subscription to Playboy? Damn hot! This list contains lots of different kinds of stuff. From a $2 pedi-egg to a $300 food-saver vacuum sealer for my Ebanned auctions in ’10, vibrators and bondage gear, fingernail polish, make up, socks, pantyhose, panties… lots of different kinds of things, so that you can get me something in your price range, no matter how poor a piggy you are. Yes, I know, aren’t I kind? Well, you have no idea…

Piggies who shop off this wishlist MUST email me after day pay for my gift and tell me what they bought, if they want to be allowed to watch me live when opening the presents. Also, all the good boys who shop on my wishlist will get 2 free photos of me with their item, but again, only if you email me at the time of purchase and tell me what you bought!

For the holiday which looms, Thanksmarketingday, Turkey-Day, whatever you call it… the day people eat and families have drama… I will be around in the early hours! Yes, tomorrow I will be taking cam calls until about 2:30-3:00PM!

I had friends and family over to my place last year, cooked 3 kinds of bird, and had a spread fit for the Queen I am (without having to do much cooking myself, haha! God I love my girlfriend!) but the mess that was left over and the stress of having people in my house was not something I looked forward to dealing with again this year… so, instead my girlfriend and I are going to a freinds restaurant. They have closed the place to the public and put a BIG spread on for a bunch of really awesome ladies I know. We will all get to eat and drink, while my friends cooks (paid double time and a half!!) will cook and serve! Oh yeah, now this sounds like Thanksgiving! A feast put on for me and my friends, in a closed-to-the-public restaurant , and then being driven home by someone else, delicious leftovers in hand so I don’t have to cook or even think about food for a week… damn. I am so looking forward to that meal…

Anywho, before I start drooling thinking of the yummy food I will eat, let me say once again… my phone lines on NiteFlirt will be on all night tonight and up to 3pm-ish tomorrow! That means if you are one of the many lonely losers who is eating another TV dinner and jerking to celebrate the holiday, you can come and show me how thankful you are that I allow you to squirt that pathetic thing! I even have some devious Thanksgiving dinner jerk-off instructions in mind… hehehe…

And of course.. here are some teasing GIF previews and descriptions for some of my favorite recent uploads on Clips4Sale. There are more clips with Emily and Elizabeth going up, super high quality HD shit, and SO fucking sexy! They really got into it this time, enjoying making fun of you losers and flirting with me on cam. Also there are some really awesome foot-worship clips up, from pedi-egg humiliation to sock worship SPH, and of course how could I not mention my most recent gem, No Chance Panties Financial Domination. I am expecting this clip to thoroughly rock your little world, help you remember what you’ve got that’s important to me.

Sissy Lipstick Instructions & Humiliation with 3 Hot Girls In Pink!
When we wear pink and put our lipstick on it makes you weak and horny. Not only because we are so damn fine your sissy stick gets stiff instantly, but also because you want to be like us. Yes, slut. We know how you dream of being a pretty girl in pink, dressed up like us, pretty and soft and sexy just like us… but you need some training! I am going to show you, along with some help from my very cute girlfriends Emily and Elizabeth, how to apply your lipstick. We have a tube of cheap thick super bright pink lipstick and we take turns applying it close up to the camera so you can learn how to be a good little girl for us. I know you will become addicted to watching us apply the lipstick and listening to us tease & humiliate you for being such a slutty little sissy. That’s good, too, because you will need to watch this over and over again and practice with your own tube of pink lipstick if you ever hope to be a pretty girl in pink!

Tiny dick condom instructions with 3 Hot Girls In Pink!
I found some finger-cots and realized how perfect they are for you! I know you are so tiny, so pathetically itty bitty that you probably are a virgin too… even if you aren’t I do know it’s rare for you get any pussy. I bet that even if you are married you don’t fuck often, and when you do it is a short pitiful event. That’s exactly why we need to make sure you understand how to use a condom! I bet you don’t put one of these on very often… especially since regular condoms pretty much fall off your little thing, but you need to know how! We wouldn’t want a tiny peckered loser like you accidentally knocking some poor woman up! No, you should never breed, loser, in fact, you should be consuming every drop of cum you make so there isn’t even ever any danger of it getting anywhere it shouldn’t be… like inside a woman, or on the floor… yeah, loser that’s right you are going to learn how to put on a condom so you can slup it all up for us. Click pay and stroke now for these truly humiliating instructions!

Keep on the lookout for more clips of me and my girlfriends in the coming weeks as I’m putting 1 triple-team clip up per week!

Surrender to My Ass – & Ass Worship
This POV clip is a powerful looping brainwashing video. I know your weakness for my perfect ass, and how badly you want to submit to me. I also know that sometimes you think you should be resisting, that media-soaked part of you that says you should be a "man" and take control of yourself…. but the rest of you knows the truth of the matter… that you are already so helplessly addicted to me that it feels good to be weak. The only way to please me is to grow weaker, to fall deeper and deeper under my spell… to completely and totally surrender yourself to me. This clip will help you with that.. in this clip I will use my perfect perky ass to grab and keep your total attention… after that, the rest is easy. I will wipe your mind clean of any thought but "Surrender to Goddess Kyaa."

Piggy Socks Financial Domination Foot Tease
In this oh so sexy tease I introduce my "piggy socks." They are a pair of socks I have had for more years then I care to say. I never really liked them, they are bright blue and bright pink socks, with flowers and a piggy on each ankle. Above the pink piggy says "oink!" in pink letters. These socks alone are enough to make any of my oinking losers stiff, but when you see me wear them like this… starting off with them incased in a pair of thick white socks, so they are nice and sweaty, and then teasing you with them and a full of your cash… well, it’s more than any foot bitch deserves! But I am a kind Goddess… although the loser who eventually buys these socks and gets to eat them for me will pay hundreds, you can pay only a fraction of that to watch me tease you mercilessly with them. (Caution! My legs are bare and you can see my panties… it is very distracting but you must try to concentrate on my sock and feet when you watch this!)

Toenail Clipping Tease 11-21-09
In this clip I casually humiliate you while spending 17 minutes clipping my toenails, rubbing off my red toenail polish, and filing my toenails. I know you are a horny lil footbitch with nothing better to do with your time then sit and watch me do something as every-day as clip my toenails, that you are such a pervert you will spend the whole time wishing you could have my clippings! Yes, loser, I know what dirty thoughts you are having even now just thinking of watching me get a little mini pedicure! Click pay stroke now, this video is a steal at less than a buck a minute!

Milking your dick for my pretty white thong
I slide my pink skirt down to reveal a white cotton thong. The thong fits my ass so perfectly… you can see it disappear between my perky cheeks, but don’t worry, I’ll be teasing you with those cheeks, squeezing them, grabbing them in my hands and spreading them ever-so-slightly so you can see that white thongstrap running down the middle, just barely hiding my sweet little holes from your loser eyes… yes, there is no doubt I can easily make you drip with this hard-core panty fetish tease video. But I am going to take it to the next level and instruct you on how I want you to drain your balls dry. I am going to force you to have painful orgasm after painful orgasm, and I will be making you gobble it all up for me! When you milk your loser juice for me it is precious stuff, not to be thrown away! So you will jerk your stick as long as it takes, until your ruined orgasms are more like dry heaves for your swollen cock!

Pedi-egg Tease & Humiliation
Looking cute in my PJ pants and bathrobe, I sit down to use my pedi-egg after I get out of the shower, and decide to turn my camera on and humiliate you while I do. Once again a simple task I do almost every day gets you hard…something most people think of as being gross, or at least far from sexy… yet here you are loser. Ready to click, already your mouse is hovering… you want to buy it now so you can imagine yourself on your knees, begging to be allowed to sniff those feet, and to lick up my foot-shavings! Seriously, you foot bitches can be disgusting. Like the loser who has already paid $200 for the little white flakes of foot skin that come off when I use my pedi-egg… now you get to get in on the action and pay me to use it and humiliate you for getting off so hard to it!

Dicklet Squished by Polka Dot Socks – An sph cbt sock fetish video for utter losers
If you are getting stiff right now, just thinking of my sock covered feet coming down hard on your fleshy little ballsack, you are officially an utter and complete loser! But that’s okay, I understand that you cannot help yourself. Yes, you are a pervert, a foot-loving, sock-sucking little pervert- and by little I mean very very tiny! Between how turned on you are by my knee high polka dot socks and how tiny your stiffy is, there is no denying it. Don’t even try to resist, just pay now for this amazingly hot video. I will make sure you hear the truth about what a fucked up lil bitch you are, how helpless your tiny squishy dicklet is, and how powerfully addicted you are to my socks… all while using my sexy sock covered feet to squish, stomp, and smother the mini-cock dildo I have here. I even pick the thing up with my toes a few times! The loser I already showed this to had this to say "oh my god, Goddess! this video has me in shock, i cannot cum any more while dreaming of your polka dot socks stepping on my balls, it hurts to much to stroke any more" Although there isn’t much to say about his grammar, the piggy does have a way of putting things!

aaand one more for today:

No Chance – Financial Domination & Panty Worship
Yes, loser, you can read. Right now you have NO CHANCE of ever pleasing me, of ever worshiping my beautiful smooth ass cheeks or lusciously soft inner thighs…. you have absolutely zero chance. I know you are desperate to look up at me, to see my sexy pink panty covered ass and pussy coming down on your horny loser face over and over again. So I am going to help you learn how it is you get a chance, a chance to show me what a good piggy you want to be for me, how badly you want to please me, and worship me… All you need is some cold hard cash or a credit card with a nice big balance. I am ready to fuck you over, to fuck your horny little mind and to fuck your bank account, with my perfect ass and cruel teasing. No piggy has EVER had the honor of worshiping such a HOT financial domination video before. So get on your knees and CLICK PAY STROKE!

That’s it for tonight, boys. I will be posting again soon… but I want to see some SALES, bitches! CLICK PAY AND STROKE!!

PS- My Ebanned auction for the piggy socks in the clip above are at $153 already, with just 2 days left! Join the bidding NOW, footboy!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist, Turkey-Day Domination, and Clips4Sale updates!

  1. Almighty GOD KYAA, i thank You for humiliating me. It is so strange (well, for me, that is, and probably for all males, but definitely not for You) that i feel so very honoured, when You degrade me/us. It is a honour, because it is You doing so – everything You say or do is so precious. Besides, it is indeed a deed of goodness to teach us our place and to heal us from our false pride.

    Goddess Kyaa, i’m so thankful for You being so incredibly perfect. Who could ever compare to You? With the exception of Your own Sister, there are really few. And those who can compare, by doing so will see that comparing does not yet mean to compete.

    GOD KYAA, You know that because of false religious beliefs i live as a celibate and had never sex with a Woman. But only reading Your sacred Words i get to understand and accept how wrong it would be to even want to put my dirty stick in the holy vagina of a Woman. You make me understand that what i produce with my worthless male muscle is nothing but filth. i’m still thankful for my penis though, because he keeps repeating: “Surrender to Kyaa.”

    GOD, thanks for conditioning us and to so lead us into the light and the truth.


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