New YouTube Video

I put up a new video on YouTube yesterday…. and I’m inviting you, yes YOU loserboy, to send in a video response. If I like what you have to say I may respond to it. I am also taking suggestions for questions and ideas you want me to address in my next video.
Remember… I don’t do "free tease videos" on YouTube…if your loser ass wants to see some free teaser videos then you have to go to my NiteFlirt page where I post up whatever I’m wearing… DAILY. Yes, daily, and you can watch the video for free there, on my NiteFlirt page.

Here it is, a new installment of my Philosophy of a Femme Domme series..

7 thoughts on “New YouTube Video

  1. Re: Pornograpy
    Well done, so far, this is the best response I have got! Thank you for leaving it!
    I will be bringing up a few of these points in my next video, and commenting further on them, so keep an eye out after the holidays.


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