Haircut, Ebanned socks, C4S price reductions! and more…

A few bits of news for you losers who cannot know enough about me:

1. I went to the salon yesterday and got a trim… actually a bit more than a trim, she took almost 2 inches off in some spots! I got some layering worked in, helping take a bit of the weight off! It’s so funny going in there, the lady that does my hair just can’t stop raving about how pretty my hair is, how long it is, how fast it grows, how soft it is… she is really in love with my hair. And she loves talking about what I do for work! When I went in yesterday I told her that I want to save my hair today, that I’m going to be giving some of it away and selling the rest to my subbies. She thought that was SO funny, she leans over with this silly smirk on her face and asks, "So are they going to… you know… with it? With you hair, I man?" Haha. yeah, she really called the filthy thing you losers do with your sticks "…you know…" It’s so funny the way some women, women with husbands and kids, are so interested-yet-embarrassed at the same time when it comes to female domination, or even sex in general.

Anyway, here are a few SUPER hot photos of me directly after said salon visit:

Visit my Images4Sale site to find this set and many other sets of some super hot photos for sale!

Also these will be going up for sale on NF soon, but if you are a piggy with that site and you email me there and ask me to send you a pay-mail with some hot photos from this set I will!

2. Something else for you boys to be doing is BIDDING! That’s right boys, I’m back on an Ebanned fix! I have got a huge amount of socks, pantyhose, panties and clothing in general that I will be auctioning off over the next few months. Right now I have an auction up for a very sexy pair of piggy printed socks. Check out the hypnotic gif below then click to be taken to the auction where you can
join the bidding and see more photos.


3. My new oh so sexy digital SLR is getting nifty new accessories showing up all the time. I’ll take some photos this weekend both with it and of it (and the professional studio like setup I have going in my living room!) to post on Monday. My girlfriend will be out of the house all day Monday, so I will have a lot of time on my hands to get some crap done like editing photos to post, here and for sale, some html work done, and more.

4. I have been busy shooting lots of clips recently! My Clips4Sale store has gone over 1000 clips officially! That is very exciting! I have even started reducing the prices of the older clips. When I first started my videos weren’t in HD, the lighting wasn’t always so great, and sometimes the audio wasn’t perfect… but I sold them at whatever price I wanted, and they sold well. Now I have thousands of dollars invested in photography equipment, and my clips are of the highest quality!

Some of the clips reduced in price include "SPH breast worship tease & denial" "Smoking in the sunset ignore video" as well as "Ass Slave Hypnosis : Eternal Ass Slave" parts 1 AND 2!

If you look for clips from around 07/2009 and earlier you can see that many of them are reduced greatly in price. It’s not that you piggies deserve a break, it’s just that there are some out there who flat out cannot afford more expensive clips! I want ALL sub-males, rich and poor, to be able to give their part to the Empire of The Goddess Kyaa. If you have a big bank account buy the HD versions, they are the only way to truly worship me as I am fit to be seen. The higher quality clips and the full HD clips are just jaw-dropping amazing. No shaky crappy cam, no fuzzy webcam in an ill lit room. No, you will see ever detail I want you to, so that you get the full effect of my perfection over you. For you poor little piggies, with thin wallets and horny dicklets, I have these reduced clips. The quality is still more then decent, but you will suffer knowing that you cannot tribute me as I deserve, you can only pay what you are able so that you can jerky your greedy clitty!

5. My NiteFlirt Phone With Cam listing has topped 5300 points and has 1938 calls currently! This is super exciting, as my account was only created on 04/11/2008. I *love* seeing pets leave regular feedback there and because many of my NF sluts have realized this, my account has grown in points very very quickly!
Even though NF is still in beta, and there are a lot of people having issues (even me on occasion) with it, I am still there most days with my lines on. I still put up my daily video, and you can still call me there. If you are a NiteFlirt user, and you get some sort of error while trying to call me or click any of my buttons, first email me about it, then email NiteFlirt customer service about it. This will help them fix any errors that might be occurring with your account, especially in regard to your ability to add money! For the most part, though, NiteFlirt is still working, you can still buy mails, call, and leave feedback like normal… just remember to have patience, that it is worth it to be able to worship and obey me!

Visit my Phone With Cam listing daily to see my free teaser videos and buy the extended version for just $3.95 (updated daily).

Visit the MyFlirtStore page I have set up to click and pay for mails easily in one place! Here you can find most of my mails all together, and in a format where the links work! The errors you get clicking on my listings won’t happen here, just click the buttons here to be taken to the NF mail where you can click and pay!!

6. Oh and one last thing I want to mention is the site. I have been using this a lot actually, and have found lots of subs there so far, as well as some broke ass bitches (like anywhere else) but what I really like about it is that it has a GREAT chat
function (which I use) and many other awesome features such as photo galleries, video galleries, blog posts, and you can comment on everything… and you know how much I love you commenting and confessing your love for me so… JOIN UP! Any piggy who joins the site for me will be rewarded…all you need to do is to go to and sign up. Then visit my profile there – – and leave a comment, letting me know that you joined up for me. I will help you get verified and you can use your account there to not only view galleries of photos for free and to comment on them, but also to post your own humiliation photos and written confessions of your addiction to me in a semi-public area where other kinky ladies and
sub-boys can read all about your love for me!

Get to it boys, SACRIFICE your CASH, CUM, and PRIDE for ME!

4 thoughts on “Haircut, Ebanned socks, C4S price reductions! and more…

  1. Hair,socks, just two more things that i imagine myself praying to, worshiping, any thing once worn by You Goddess, should be regarded as “Holy” by every one of Your worshipers.

  2. Thank YOU my Divine Goddess Kyaa for this extensive update for i am one that cannot know enough about YOU.
    So now YOU have some more layers with YOUR Hair being as thick as it is i am sure it is heavy my Divine Goddess Kyaa. i must say i would never consider doing the nasty with any of YOUR Gorgeous Hair or any other Ladies as a matter of fact. i only like to touch, smell and look at hair well and play with it when it is still attached to the Lady.
    May i thank YOU for lowering the prices on some of YOUR clips so poor guys like me can afford them thank for showing mercy on us my Divine Goddess Kyaa YOU are so Generous.
    Have a Wonderful Weekend and Have It YOUR WAY.


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