Birthday Haul

I have been so busy since my birthday that I haven’t even had time to update about my giant-ass haul! It’s a big-un, so watch out, boys! If you have a slow connection, opening up the "more" link below may be dangerous! lots of screenshots showing the gift cards ranging from $50 to $500, the purchase confirmations from the wishlist items that were bought, plus emails from piggies and more…

Come find out how much cash my piggies spent on my 22nd birthday this year…

OKAY! So here is the final lineup of
my birthday tributes!

Because many piggies didn’t follow the rules of the contest, and there
were more big spenders than there were contestants, I have already rewarded the
well behaved wallets

that tributed or purchased gifts for my birthday accordingly. Below are
some screenshots from what I’d say are most of the gift cards and tributes, at least the
ones of any amount that matters.

On NiteFlirt I got quite a few small tributes, but the majority came
from what you see below:

Tributes & gifts from dr.droky
(aka rumspice/tearspice/TV guy)

This is the receipt from, forwarded to me, from the pet now
named ‘dr.dorky’ (formerly known as rumspice or tearspice), who bought me an HDTV and 2 blue ray
players! He made this

purchase a few months before my birthday because I wasn’t going to wait
til my birthday for a new TV. For my birthday he also sent a $100 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card and
while on a trip to Vegas he also

bought me a $130 keyring. Yeah, I know, he’s called dr. dorky for a
reason, he’s the sort that needs to be told what to buy or he gets a high end designer keyring for me…
(his new LJ is at but due to his job it is private for now. If you want to read it just let me know and I’ll tell him to accept your friend request!!)

Tributes from kyaasobject aka

This has been one of my favorite toys in the past year. I have kept it
locked in chastity, have plugged it’s hole with such large object it
feels the need to wear a plug daily now… this pet has been a source of much amusement.

Our sessions are so funny, this bitch just LOVES being a wet little
sissy slut for me, and was happy to pay a tribute that was truly painful on his pitiful
budget. I spent all of his tributes, plus more from other piggies, on buying my new digital SLR. Mmmm SLR *drool* (see blow for links to a video where I show it off)

And then another….

oh yes, and another…

After sending these tributes my object had this to say:

And, well, I guess that broke my sluts bank because since I came back
from the break I took for my birthday, this slut has been out of
contact. If anyone hears

from ‘fluffernutter’ let me know it’s alive. I’m starting to think that
my toy broke, falling off the shelf while I was away or something!

Tributes from goodboy4kyaa
My goodboy prays to me each day for
salvation, he truly worships on
his knees daily and is an example for all you other poor bitches
on how you can serve me no matter how pathetic you are or how small
your bank account is!

Every day for over a year now goodboy has been buying just about every
single daily video, plus sending between $5-$10 in tributes 3 to 5 days
a week… when averaged out that is equal to aprox $1400 in
the past year. Overall, really, it’s not that much. Most people

spend that much going out each year, at least! Instead of doing any
thing of that sort for himself, goodboy clicks and pays daily… Also,
for my birthday he sent a few gift cards that pleased

And no, goodboy, even with as much money as you spend, you still are
not my biggest spender!

I know it feels like a lot to you, but in amount, it is not much…
though your faith and persistence count for a lot!

No other piggy is as good about clicking paying and stroking for me
daily. It puts a smirk on my pretty lips when I wake up to see his LJ posts or his
NF feedback,

confessing how he can’t stop squirting his clitty stick for me every
day in worship.

Tributes from my new pet, billy

This loser got SO excited when he first came into contact with
me, and he still seems to be utterly obsessed.

Although I can tell he is a bit of a slut and like to mess around, he
is still very much addicted to me. Funny enough he keeps trying to insist that he can’t afford to worship me, but
goodboy has proved that even if you only have a few

bucks here and there you can worship me on a regular basis and still
please me! He did send me a few tributes, and he also emailed me over and over
again, left about a trillion stupid but amusing comments

everywhere, confessing his love and adoration for me, and even put up a
youtube video for my birthday.

and you can see some of his comments from my Dommesandsubs site here…

and of course the amusing youtube video, showing the whole world that
he’s a dirty pervert:

Just click here …

Always amusing seeing a pet do youtube videos for me, hehe.

Tributes from "travis m"

This piggy sent me $170 in tributes a few days before my birthday, but
his receipts are missing. If I find them I’ll add them in here, but for now…. travis m, you were a good boy sending
that cash so quickly!!

We didn’t even email much, haha. I think this loser bought some panties
or something way back when, or might just be clips4sale fan. I don’t really remember, haha. To be honest, I
just took his cash, let him have a photo or two

of my feet and then I was gone because he was sending those tributes on
the 29th hours before my birthday.

Tributes & gifts from ‘yrslave’

This little piggy started early in the month, sending progressively
bigger gift purchases to me as well as sending some very amusing emails to me. Below you can see the order

and some of his emails to me

Tribute from ‘ilovepanties’

This dirty lil loser is a member on my clips store, and utterly obsessed as well. He can’t stop watching my video, praying

for me to do sexy vids in my strawberry panties… how predictable,
haha. He was a good boy, though, and he sent a $50 gift card
for my birthday.

and that’s about all the big stuff… I put up a video of me opening some of my gifts from yrslave and others on clips4sale, which are linked to below. Click, pay and jerk off, thinking of all the things you wish you could buy me, all the cash you don’t have because you are mine, and how you are going to work hard the rest of your life to earn more for me…

Birthday gifts haul tease video — From panties, to heels to a $2000 SLR, my birthday was a good one… hehehe

And this is a little tease video I made that morning, teasing you with cash and being cruel.

here is a video of Emily, Elizabeth and I checking out my new TV and talking about the piggy who bought it.

That’s about it for now. I will be posting again VERY soon to update you on ebanned auctions, NF updates, HOT lesbian photoshoots and more….

Remember… CLICK PAY STROKE FOR THE GODDESS KYAA, who you worship each and every day!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Haul

  1. Oh Goddess, a designer key ring is a dork gift, yes but if you were to actually use it, well it would be useful and dorky and so I thought it would be a good gift from a dork who wants to be useful, if that makes any sense … besides, who would not want to give you a gift that has a reasonable chance of being placed in a pocket of your jeans one day?

  2. Thank you for the video of you and your friends with the TV. To see you smiling with your friends and pleased with something you allowed me to do for you is a real treat. After watching it I wanted to tell them I would do it again in a minute if you wanted me to. Please thank them for me if you get the chance, and thank you Goddess.

  3. Thank You for the update my Divine Goddess Kyaa; it is nice to see how Your Birthday was.
    Hopefully next year is even better for You my Divine Goddess Kyaa.
    i have added dr.droky as friend so i will appreciate You giving Your Permission to him so he can add me. Love seeing things being done for You.
    Thank You for mentioning me in this entry my Divine Goddess Kyaa.
    Your loserboy,
    pet billy


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