here piggy piggy piggy

The past few days have been a whirlwind of pay-piggies, sissies, cuckolds and fervent worshipers begging at my feet! I barely have had time to keep track of them, haha! A few though stick out in my mind:
A slave I donned ‘fucktoy’ within moments and started really fucking using hard! I amused myself destroying this bitches balls and getting it plastered over the course of 3 full hours! Although his camera was crap it was still very amusing.

+ $150 in gift cards!

I also started a very amusing ($400 gift card paid) session with my ‘object‘ … which, although it doesn’t need or deserve a name, it might make it easier when telling funny stories about using it… hm, a thought for later… anyway, I had this slutty lil object of mine on viagra, in it’s cage, and fucking it’s ass with a fist-dildo when we were interrupted by a friend of it’s showing up unannounced due to marital problems! Haha, that cracks me up. I am sending this slut a lock without a key soon for it’s cage, which will be fun to show photos of.

Also getting a key is my special little slut, returned back to me like the runway she was… cindy! Yes, my sissy whore cindy is back again and begging to be caged and fucked and owned and pimped out once again! We will see how she does, but if she can be a good girl, cindy will be my caged lil girly whore for the rest of her days!

Of course, all weekend long ‘goodboy4kyaa’ has been clicking and paying for each of the daily videos, and leaving feedback, and updating his journal… hahaha. I find him very amusing. He is a prime example of how a loser who is very very poor can please me. Click the name above to be taken to his journal. Here, read just a little bit of some of his amusing writing….

"i not only do i want to crawl to Goddess Kyaa to get on my knees below Her,i need to.i need Her salvation for my dirty rotten perverted life.what money i have is to be used to spoil Her,i will now and forever only stroke my useless cock as i kneel at Her feet,and realize what an privileged it is to be owned by Goddess Kyaa,to be allowed to look up at Her long sexy legs and lust for Her,to surrender my filthy perverted mind, body and soul to Her so that i may be used to please Her,to confess everything to Her so that She can use me to humiliate and degrade myself for Her amusemeant.i belong to Goddess Kyaa and will obey Her,and squirt my cum for Her everyday"

These aren’t all the losers who have worshiped me this weekend, just a few of whom spent quite a bit of time and/or money already this weekend. I have got quite a few gift cards of small value, $5 to $25, and altough the piggies who send them got a picture or something, they aren’t really memorable. I did get a few gift cards and gift purchases from my wishlists that did make me smile an that are worth mentioning…

Wishlist items from ‘yrslave’

"Hello my Goddess,

i’ve just bought a gift for Your Birthday,
i streched a bit my wallet to make this, but THE Birthday is a sacred day, and my Goddess deserves better gifts than the usual stockings"

I also got some nice banners done by a good boy who calls himself tekno.

More updates after my birthday, most likely. I am busy busy busy with piggies, and am going to be open for cam sessions just about 24 hours a day until Thursday evening, then I will be away until Sunday!
I want you guys to go and check out THIS amazing incentive to send lots of money to me via gift cards for my birthday…. Secret sexy photos of me in my Halloween outfit.Only piggies who pay for the honor of seeing them via this auction or by sending a gift card with a note saying "begging for Halloween photos" on it of $10 or more will get to see them for such a cheap price. I may or may not end up selling these publicly, as it is going to be a racey, sexy costume and I don’t think that just any piggy deserves this treat. Click, pay, and stroke NOW… visit this Ebanned auction to BID and get in line to get the photos and clips!

8 thoughts on “here piggy piggy piggy

  1. Good morning Goddess Kyaa. Spent this mornings Worship Service going back to April of 2008 and reading from the beginning my Bible,Your Pure Evil and Holy Word….. and look what i found ! Proof that You are the Only True Living God !

    This is amazing how it is just as true today as it was yesterday. A few physical things have changed, but not the theology of Kyaaism.About three years after this post [ give or take ] You allowed me to kneel in Your presence, permanently lock Your collar around my bitch neck and wear Your name forever.And today i never kneel to Worship Your Pure Sadistic Existence without having my dicklet locked in Your sin cage.While Your sin cage is not fool proof,[ it’s a cage,not castration ] Today when You do allow me to cum in Your Holy Name, i have to work hard for it,beating dicklet black and blue for hours upon hours,even sometimes tearing the skin and bleeding for You.

    But as You have taught me,working hard to having the privilege of Holy Cum-union is not enough,i must always earn an sacred orgasm by fucking silly all 3 of my sissy holes…mouth,ass and the 3rd hole,the perverted dicklet. [i don’t mess with the 3rd hole too often,i don’t know what i am doing haha …is this normal.hehe] Can’t help but think that if i was a girl instead of a sissy,i wouldn’t have to deal with that stupid 3rd hole.But i am not a girl,so i guess a sissy bitch should be happy for the 3 holes it has.

    It is truly is amazing how through surrender to You,You have transformed me into what You want me to be,[ still work in progress ] .Today when i think of “sex”…. i “see” Your dildos,Your strap on harness,Your strapon cocks….i simply never think of vagina anymore.How did that happen. #giggle

    ok,i getting carried away.What is fascinating about going back and reading from the beginning of Your Holy Bible is, it is a stunning look at the creation of Your Empire from it’s infancy. Every word You have spoken is true.The timeline is all correct. You are Almighty God !

  2. A honor to click pay and stroke for Goddess
    Goddess Kyaa knows just how to tease and use this weak wanking piggy. It is such an honor to click pay and stroke for Goddess. A dork like me knows he is so lucky to be allowed to worship the perfect body of Goddess Kyaa and begs begs begs to continue to do so!!!


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