It’s almost time….

… to celebrate my 22nd birthday! Only 11 more days and it is the most important day of the year for you little piggies! As the Goddess you worship daily you must shower me with gifts, soiling me beyond your means if need be! Do not hesitate to contact me and ask me for help if you are still unsure how to spend what little money you have after reading this post… but even if you only have $5 you can tribute or buy me something small, and it all adds up, to me having hundreds of little losers showing me how much they love me.

Yes, hundreds, over 600 votes on the Girl of the Week contest, which I won, by the way.

So, here are your instructions… if you want to keep it simple (and I like simple) send me an gift card. Anything between $5 and $5,000 is okay with the gift cards, and arrives in just a few minutes to my email account. Make sure to forward the confirmation that Amazon sends you when you buy it so I know who sent which gift card and when! The email address for gift cards, and other gift cards (Nordstrums, Victoria’s Secret, etc) is "Domme (dot) Kyaa (at) Gmail (dot) com".

If you prefer to get me something personal… pick me out something that makes you feel weak, and maybe if I like it I will tease you with it! I have lists that cover everything from socks and shoes to sex toys! Click below to check out my wishlists, and make sure to forward me the confirmation that Amazon sends you, so- just like with the gift cards, I know who sent what and when.

My general wishlist
this wishlist has lots of random things, added to frequently.

Feet, Shoes, Heels
This wishlist has all kinds of foot-ware; fetish boots, stilettos & sneakers, all sorts!

Bedroom Toys
Dildos, strap on’s, fucking machines oh my!

Lingerie and Undergarments
Sexy slinky things for me to tease you in….

Clothing / Outfits
Buy me hot clothes that I might wear on cam or out with my girlfriends!

Hosiery and Socks
Pantyhose, stockings, knee highs, socks of all kinds!

Do you dare? Only a few losers have ever bought anything off this wishlist! Only for losers who are really desperate to please me!

Click on the tease photos below to be taken to the clips!

Go on, you know you want to surrender! Need some encouragement before you buy my gifts?
Click now and go to my clips store to buy this amazing ass and panty worship / hypno clip! It will
help you fall into that helpless horny state of mind you love to be in for me…

Also up now on my clips store are some truly terrific videos featuring Emily and Elizabeth. Man, these girls are hot!
Especially when I get them bending over for me all the time like this!

And if you think that’s hot, I am sure these balloon fetish clips will spark your interest…
a 5 part balloon fetish extravaganza with all three of us going wild in a sea of balloons!

CLICK PAY STROKE! Empty your wallet for me this month, boys!

EDIT: any piggy want to *really* make me smile for my birthday? Contact me NOW
about buying an expensive pair of heels that I’ve been wanting for months now!


3 thoughts on “It’s almost time….

  1. Goddess Kyaa treats this dork so well
    i am dorkymcretard, i am Goddess Kyaa’s dorkymcretard. i am so stupid i cannot think when i worship her, when i think of her my useless mind turns to mush and i have to click pay stroke. i am a stroke slave to her, and whenever my pathetic clitty gets hard and begs me to rub it, i hope that Goddess Kyaa will instruct me on how to fill up my fuckhole for her at the same time. i am such a dirty slut for Goddess Kyaa! and a stupid one with very little money… i am most of all thankful that Goddess Kyaa is so kind to me when I am so worthless and perverted!”

  2. The clip stpre is worth the trip
    I was overwhelmed at first by the selection!
    There must be close to 1,000 clips at this point although there is duplication due to hi and low res versions of the same clips.
    I am tempted to leave some specific commentary on particular videos but that seems crass to due on the Goddess’ own site.
    There are a couple of reasons to do so:
    1. It contributes to the Goddess
    2. The videos are of a high quality and are quite the turn on.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to stroke to these wonderful clips.
    Certainly nothing beats a live show, but you can stroke, pay, and cum, with more frequency if you purchase the clips.
    If I were to recommend a recent purchase, it would be Cum Licking Boot Worship (Full size HD WMV version).
    And I also recommend the regular purchase of gifts.
    1. You get a thank you.
    2. I find it exciting to search through all the possible gifts and I can either choose something which turns me on or perhaps try and get inside the head of the Goddess and find something which will make her happy.
    3. It is good to please the Goddess.
    I’m afraid I’m not much of a salesman, but I do enjoy clicking, paying, and stroking for so beautiful a Goddess.

  3. Thank You for this Update
    it is very informative my Divine Goddess Kyaa. Due to my tight budget i will be sending You an Amazon gift card only my Divine Goddess Kyaa sorry.
    Your Clip Store is truly Awesome i spent a few hours there yesterday and this evening as well, my wishlist continues to grow. i just have to decide which is first when the budget permits.
    Thanks Again for the update my Divine Goddess Kyaa.
    loserboy pet billy


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