NF down, busy busy busy

Hello there boys! I have been OH so busy! Even with NiteFlirt being down the past 4 weeks I have been so busy doing custom clip, panty sales and girl-girl-girl photo shoots, that I have only been posting on my twitter, and a little bit on Dommesandsubs.Com (a site I highly suggest you join!) One exciting thing about twitter is that I can easily post small updates, all day long, letting you keep up to date with me at all times! I can update easily from my phone and from a desktop application, which means I really do update often! I have also been doing a lot of fun things with my YouTube channel, so make sure to check up on those sites as well!

Right now there is one thing you little losers can do for me…. Go to this link ( and click, VOTE, and stroke! Yes, you can VOTE FOR ME for free on this poll for the "Girl of the Week" for the GirlProfit site. Right now you can vote for me and hep me win 1st place, and some free advertising on their site! It will please me to see you voting and commenting and confessing your love of me… so get to it!

Here are some sexy photos from my most recent photo shoot with Emily and Elizabeth… who you will be seeing much more of in the future!


Click HERE to see photos and buy clips from our first photo shoot together!

An I’ll be posting again soon! Keep clicking, paying, and stroking! Submit your cash, cum and pride and your obedience will be rewarded!

5 thoughts on “NF down, busy busy busy

  1. Re: Thank You Goddess Kyaa
    Contact the GirlProfit running the contest or the poll site itself and ask about multiple voting and how you can do it or figure out if someone else is doing it, if you are concerned, my pet!

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa
    for this update and the gorgeous photos. Emily and Elizabeth are cute Goddess Kyaa but You will remain my favorite for sure.
    i have been voting as You know and i will be checking out the site You mentioned as well.


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