QUICK UPDATE- sissy danielle aka sissyloserlovesKyaaslegs & C4S DOUBLE TEAM

Update time, piggies! I want to remind you all that to get the daily updates, the minute-to-minute, play-by-play updates on what I am doing, piggies & pets I encounter and much more…visit my Twitter! Follow Me on Twitter to continue getting these updates! Want to know what I’m doing right now? Visit my Twitter, losers!

In my last post I talked about a few good boys who have set themselves apart from other piggies recently. These losers have continued to behave themselves, and others have joined the ranks. One of them, sissyloserlovesKyaaslegs has been sending my slutty photos in hopes of amusing me, and I must admit she has! Ha, this lil femmy bitch, otherwise known as “sissy danielle” has sent the following graphic and hilarious photos of one of her recent worship sessions.

I find it most amusing to fill my sluts up, so play with that hole every chance you get, sissies and sluts!

and sissy danielle is making messes in those panties each day!

what a dirty girl!

and that’s the last nasty but funny photos of the slutty sissy danielle!

I am always getting photos like these sent in for review, and I also take quite a few screenshots durring particularly amusing or nasty cam sessions with losers. One that I recently dug up is from my diaperbaby…

Send in your humiliating photos now, piggies! Amuse me, gag on dildos, plug yourself, dress up and take photos with my name and the date in shot the way these lil oinkers have. I enjoy seeing my slave show off how degraded and pathetic they are, and all in MY name.

Huge amount of updating on Clips4Sale! 2 NEW and SEXY DOUBLE TEAM VIDEOS. Princess Ceara and I have got together to RUIN you! Haha, that’s right bitches. From BBC tease & denial to dirty-socks and blackmail, we are going to use your weakness against you. If you thought it was impossible to resist me before, just seeing me next to another gorgeous woman will drive you over the edge. Just thinking of what goes on when the camera isn’t on, and your loser ass is left wanking alone…. is enough to drive any loser to his knees, over and over.

Dirty socks/feet & Blackmail POV video! Click for a longer description!

BBC & Boot Worship! Click for a longer description!

Also on Clips4Sale recently are a few really hot hypnosis videos focused on my eyes and lips, oiled up feet, ass worship, strip-tease and much more! Visit my Clips4Sale store NOW to start worshiping!

If you use NF, never fear! I am working on having ALL of the clips that are in my Clips4Sale store and not on NF, converted so that they can be bought by all the piggies using NiteFlirt. Next week expect a MASSIVE update for Niteflirt! Save your pennies, piggies! This is just a quick update to humiliate my sissy danielle and to let you all know about the updates on C4S.


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