So as to not let this turn into a personal rant I will quickly go over just a few of the things that have been going on in the last few weeks.
I have been phenomenally busy with NiteFlirt. When my phone lines are on I am flooded with calls and emails, many of which are from idiots with no money, begging for free chat time, photos or even minutes.
This has kept me busy with calls and custom videos/games/photos all done and paid for by some loser by the minute (generally for $4 or more per minute.) As a result the number of publicly accessible clips that I have made and posted have dwindled, something I assure you I will be remedying by the end of this month.
Now on the other hand I have had my hosting drop (and then pick back up), my internet went down for 28 hours earlier in the week, my webcam was dropped and broken by my maid (don’t worry, I got a new one the same day), have had numerous service people in my house keeping me away from the computer (floors getting fixed, sink repaired, and of course, the damn maid), and of course, the zinger- on Friday I was called away for a funeral of a distant relative I never knew- keeping me away until Monday afternoon.

I am home now, rested, and ready. I have cleared my calender for the rest of this month so that all the piggies who have missed me can come and find some time to kneel and worship. I will be composing a better update, along with some photos, new clips to buy, and more, very soon. Also look out for a new YouTube video soon!


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