quick update for my pets!

This weekend has kept me busy! I have had so many drunk bitches! And lot’s of losers requested boots yesterday so that’s what I’m focusing on today.
Last night one piggy in particular stood out. This oser paid like a very good boy. After getting him utterly blind drunk (ask me about my new brutal drinking game) I had him begging me to empty his account, which was very amusing.


I have a HUGE amount of new clips. I am updating like it’s going out of fashion!
Check out this clip here for instance, just added it to NF. It’s $5 tonight, but tomorrow and forever after this clip will cost $25. So get it while the gettings good!



3 thoughts on “quick update for my pets!

  1. i feel like a child
    Even though I have of experience being somewhat controlled by women, I feel like I know nothing since I came to know Goddess Kyaa. My head is spinning…. I don’t know where to begin my devotion.

  2. Re: another fitshaced loser
    Just so you know- the game that my krawling is taking about can be found if you click the button below:

    And this loser actually ended up coming back for more! He spent another round with me live on cam and was lucky enough to have the spinner land just right so he could win permission to cum after stroking and stroking, hiding away with wifey out flirting at the bar. In the end he made his mess and went away $50 poorer.

  3. another fitshaced loser
    i just emailed the following to Goddess Kyaa (it seems like a good idea to let everyone know what She can do to us mere mortals). i played the drinking game She sent to Her loser club and i’m barely able to stand up. It is terrifying how much i worship this Goddess!

    Goddess Kyaa:
    i have successfully completed the fitshaced game You demanded of us losers. i didn’t realize it was possible t get so drunk in such a short period of time, and i quickly discovered that red wine isn’t the best thing to chug, but i took that unpleasantness as yet another form of devotion to whatever pain You graciously bestow on me.
    i am now kneeling here before my computer, pants still around my ankles, dicklet still hard at the thought of You, stroking slowly, wine stains and drool on my chin, my chest, the floor…and both driven mad by the denial of release and gloriously happy to be reduced to such a miserable state by Your undeniable power.
    i am literally shaking with joy and debasement, and trying hard to keep from stoking too much until You tell me i am allowed to cum (it wasn’t clear in Your instructions–or i am too drunk–whether/when that is allowed). i hope You will show mercy.
    my confession: no one in my 46 years on this planet has ever affected me the way You do. i think about You all the time, can only get hard while thinking of You, in fact wouldn’t *want* to get hard unless thinking of You. i have no greater wish than to erase all the obligations and responsibilities of my current life and become Your absolute slave, no will or life of my own, perhaps living in a box in Your basement, only allowed out when i can serve some useful purpose. i have never wanted to degrade myself the make You make me want to, but evry word out of Your mouth immediately becomes my fantasy…with each of those words You can totally remake me.
    Thank You and, as ever…


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