New Forced Intox Game!

Once again I am going to be online this weekend so you losers can get your fix! I have a whole lot of new videos, including this amaazing 3 part forced intox and stroke instruction clip. 15 minutes in total and broken into 3, 5 minute parts, this clip will get you drunk, and fast!

Here are a few gifs taken directly from the clip! Check it out, losers!! Look at those long legs in my hot money heels, you know you can’t resist drinking when I tell you too, looking so fucking hot like that!

Expaining the rules for you before I start. Rewarding you with a hot tease after a long chain of chugs!

Click any of the buttons below to get read the full description and then CLICK, PAY, STROKE!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

CLICK HERE to be taken to a FREE video!



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