cumwhipper’s obediance

I discovered not long after we started chatting, that cumwhipper is a little artist. If you have seen his journal you’d know what I’m talking about. This loser can make some really creative representation of cocks, and boy does he! This loser is a cock obsessed, cumsucking loser (and how!), which is what I just find SO fun about him. I love pushing this filthy bitch to get stickier and stickier each time (he’s calling tonight- any strange or unique ideas on ways to gobble cum would be amusing to get from other cumloving losers.)
I’ll be editing this post later with more information on our little session tonight but for now here is his newest little art project:

Isn’t that just the greatest? I’ll be getting that mailed to me so I can auction it off to some sissy baby or another, haha.

Check out his post HERE!

Well, that was fun:

Read the post he made which I’ve linked to above to read more about the session, as you can see there was MUCH cum swallowing. This slut got STICKY !


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