Computer power supply busted!

I have been away the past few days because the power supply for my computer mysteriously stopped working. I was unable to get a loaner right away (but do have one now) and YES I WILL BE ON CAM THIS WEEKEND!!

me now: in my amazing robe, down in my smoking room
I have a lot of programs I have to download and update
before I can cam so I’m doing it as comfortably as I can!

I want ALL you piggies to spend LOTS of money this weekend! Especially in AMAZON.COM GIFT CARDS, as on Monday I’ll be buying a new computer, a backup computer that I can use if my regular computer is out of commission for whatever reason. It bugs me to think of the clips I have planned to post, the losers who need draining, all the piggies with their wallets NEEDING that personal contact, well, loser, I will be responding to emails and catching up today, and starting early tomorrow morning I will be online and on cam ALL weekend for my losers to worship me.

Send gift cards to, the losers who send the 3 largest tributes, all of which is going towards a new backup computer on Monday, will get some sort of piggi-licious present from me as a reward for their obedience! I’m looking to spend about $1000 on a backup-laptop so come on, piggies, it’s not hard to do the math, CLICK HERE or on any of the links in this post to be taken to the website…Just follow the simple instructions there to send me a nice fat gift card.



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