My cumwhipper and other piggies

 There is a new loser in the heard, and watch out, this piggy really amuses me! This pervert is really a fucking pervert! I mean, I have never spoken to anyone more obsessed with cocks and cum. This piggy, cumwhipper, calls and I watch him put on a show for me. He has called now 10 times, 4 of which were 30 minute+ long calls during which he put on his cumwhipping show for me. This cumwhipping show goes a little something like this:

My cumwhipper will call to make sure I’ll be online later in the day. Confirming I will be around, cumwhipper will then get some cum out of his freezer and get it thawing. Once thawed he calls back. Then the show really starts! I watch his cam, but he only gets to listen to my voice, my cruel, giggling voice, directing his perverted little play. Generally we start with a jar of precum. The precum is sucked out of the little jar with a syringe and then squirted into his mouth. Precum is viscus enough that when you gargle it, it froths and bubbles in quite an amusing fashion. This gargling and precum bubble blowing will go on for a bit, with me urging him on. I find it so funny to make a loser get REALLY sticky and messy. This is so fun to do with cumwhipper, hahaha… that precum can get all over! I make sure he gets it in his hair, ears, eyes, nose, all over his head and neck! After that, with his face sticky and icky with precum he gets out the actual cum. Sometimes he is lucky enough to have some other slaves cum to whip up for me. I made him keep a mouthful of one slaves cum in his mouth for hours and hours after our second session. Other times it is just his cum. Using the same syringe he measures out an amount of creamy cum and squirts it into a shot glass. Then, using a small drill with a soft-bristle brush attachment he whips the cum in the shot glass. The brush head spinning in the cum whips air into it, frothing it up from a little squirt of cum in the bottom of a shot glass to a shot glass FULL of fluffy thick cum, more like the consistency of whipped cream than cum . It seems as though this whipped cum will even hold it’s whipped-ness when sloshing around inside a slaves mouth for a long while, because cumwhipper will mash and swirl that cum around in his mouth, 5 to 10 minutes per spoonful, until I give him permission to swallow!

I have decided that cumwhipper will join the ranks of losers who’s asses I have trained. As an anally inexperienced slave, he piques my sadistic side, thinking of the discomfort he will go through learning to enjoy having his ass fucked.  Already he has bought a small Aneros anal probe and has had it used on him once. More training to cum! hahaha

I have also decided that I want some of my other slaves to volunteer their cum loads to send to cumwhipper for the shows he puts on for me. Any slave who sends cum will get recognized by me as being a good boy and may get prizes/presents from me. If you want to donate your cum, reply to this post and I’ll get you the information you need.

Here are some very amusing photos of the cumwhipper:

1- gargling precum – – – – –                                     2- messy cumwhipper! – – – – — – – –                         3- spooning whipped cum into his mouth

4- dipping a big dildo in the whipped cum – – – –  5- Stuffing cum down his throat with said dildo

CLICK HERE to visit his journal on LJ.

aaaaaaaand while I’m at it, here are a couple of other recent photos that losers have taken for me:


It’s upside down but it says "Kyaa 4-18-09"
This loser kept going to the bathroom to take this photo but forgot his camera over and over again because he was so distracted between how hard I was teasing him and the roommate asking him if he was sick or something. I made him write all over himself after this so much so he couldn’t go out that night with his roommate. Addicts like you don’t deserve to go out anyway.

This loser begs me constantly to be allowed to send photos, but he can rarely remember to put my name and the date in the photo. Unless I am taking the screen shots from your cam myself, you MUST put a card with my name and the date (or just write it on yourself) so I know you didn’t poach the picture off the internet someplace.
I enjoy getting photos, the more humiliating the better! Send them to me NOW piggy! hahaha

3 thoughts on “My cumwhipper and other piggies

  1. cocks cocks and more cocks
    Haha, yeah, and that journal doesn’t seem to express HALF of this losers obsession. Strangly I don’t peg him as being a closet gay, or even bi. Just OBSESSED with cocks and cum, like I said… hahaha. I find the obsession just as amusing or even moreso than the fat kid from Superbad! (and great reference by the way, I thought of it a few weeks ago when I first met this guy but haven’t thought of it again since you mentioned it!)


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