crap start to the week, but I’m back…

 When my family visited last week one of my siblings was sick… and I’m pretty sure that’s what got me sick this week. I hadn’t felt on top of the game last week and this Monday I wasn’t at all in the mood to talk to you perverts. So I put my feet up and dealt with finishing up taxes and turning them in. On Tuesday construction on a house 2 doors down ramped up- they brought in a fucking crane and have been making outrageous amounts of noise, so much so that I haven’t been able to even record videos during the day. Then yesterday I go out to check my mail and the fat lady across the street got ANOTHER FUCKING RAT DOG! I fucking HATE those things. All day long these fucking piles of wet meat and shit are barking out in her yard while she sits inside watching soap and stuffing her wrinkly face. I have attempted to be nice and to ask her to put muzzles on her dogs because of the nature of my work (I told her what I do) and she just looked SHOCKED. I won’t let her stop me though…. I’m back on line- barking dogs across the street or not. My cam line will turn on soon, and already all my talk-only lines are on. I am busy making videos for the piggies that purchased custom videos while I was away. (yes yes, they are on their way, my addicts!) and for those of you who went shopping, listened to my ignore line, or bought videos/pictures this week while missing me… come blow the rest of your bank account on me today. I’m ready to break some balls!


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