new buttons!!!

A few random thoughts:
I think I’m going to start a schedual, as in, I will have the hours I’ll be online or offline planned ahead of time and posted up for you losers to see.

I am waiting for a tripod as well as some more cords and other bits and peices to show up so I can actually USE my new HD cam properly, so keep an eye out and make lots of video requests!

I have finally put up those clips I made with my friend, Zedya… check it out piggies… these are way to fucking much for you. There is no way you can get through these clips without poppping…. All losers who buy all 5 of the Miss Kyaa/Zedya clips will get the FULL SIZE versions of each of them sent via email. That means, if you click and pay for each of the double-team clips below ($25 each) I will send you the full size versions (1280×960) of each of them via email. Once you have bought all five email me on Niteflirt. In the subject like put the key-phrase "I’m a chamberpot, short and stout!" and include your EMAIL address in the body of the text. Once you have done that within 24 hours you will get the full size versions of each of these clips.

Miss Kyaa introduces… Zedya!
This is the first clip I did with Zedya, it is unscripted (like all the others)
and quite hot. We sit and play with stacks of money as I tell you a little
about her, and we both remind you how lucky you all are to be allowed to worship me and to meet her. Click below!
Miss Kyaa & Miss Zedya: JEANS DOUBLE TEAM

Just watch those asses swing back and forth… you can’t stop
yourself from clicking, paying and stroking. DAMN Zedya has a fine
ass on her! I could sit and watch her in those skinny leg jeans all
day long! This clip is a to-die-for if you are a leg, ass or jean
addict…Click below, NOW, piggy!


Miss Kyaa and Zedya: IGNORE you
while we suck frozen fruit-pops and giggle…
Need I say more? 10 FULL MINUTES of IGNORE time while we
laugh and suck on our juice-pops! Just CLICK it piggy…

This is too much…two HOT ladies showing off their legs and asses covered in sheer nude hoseiry? Yes, it’s true… you can click here,
now, and you can pay to stroke to watch us tease you,
humiliate you, and laugh at you… EAT OUR SWEATY HOSE
you little whore! CLICK NOW!


Miss Kyaa and Zedya IGNORE smoke break
We ignore you as we smoke, ashing into a glass and talking
about how we are going to make a piggy drink it down….


Yes, you WILL click, pay and stroke: paypig 101
Or perhaps I should just call it a 411 because this 3 minute
long clip informs you of your place. That is your place as my
ATM. A piggy with a bank account FULL of MY money, ready to
be drained. I remind you of how pathetic and small you are, as
well as a few other reasons why you cannot deny me.
CLICK, PAY, STROKE! Only $5!!!!!


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