Easter Morning…..

For any of you piggies who believe in the biblical god, happy Easter! It is a day like any other day for this intelligent young woman, except that there are even more piggies who need to CONFESS and be degraded on this ‘holy’ day… hahaha…


This is what I’m wearing on cam today, visit my LISTING to see more…


I am not doing any specials or giving anything away today- Easter is a bullshit holiday in the first place… I am taking advantage of losers today as usual. And, like I do each Sunday I emphasize how much I know my slaves need  to confess all the dirty details of their lives, thoughts &  perversions, and that they need to worship the Goddess that reigns high above them. I know how much you crave me. So come and worship, stroke for me, drain your balls in my name. Do it in a humiliating or degrading way. I WILL be paid and I WILL be entertained by you losers….

Take this piggy for instance…

click for full size

This lil sissy, in his wife’s panties, stroked his little clitty through his panties till it sprayed, making a big sticky mess… right there on the back poach. YES, that is sunlight that slave is bathed in. YES, that slave is outside for the world to see, jerkin it in nothing but it’s wifes dirty old panties… hahahaha…

Or what about THIS little piggy… Last night this slut spent a pretty fucking penny ( 36 minutes at $5 a minute, you do the math, dork) to be allowed to view me on cam as I directed my own little live painslut and cockwhore show. This piggy LOVES the cock, LOVES cum, and LOVES pain. All of which amused me very very much! I wish now I had remembered to take some screen shots of the bitch because I don’t think I will ever forget the way it was dressed- this lime green boob tube, stockings, haha, just ridiculous, so fucking funny and so damn greedy to get raped hard. And that I did, from sounding, to figging, forced intox, all sorts of anal, cock sucking, cum eating, I mean this slut went all out… I was highly amused by our call. The slave swore up and down that it wanted a real cock for me so I told it to post a CL add in it’s area and to mention me in it, that I would help it get a nice fatty… low and behold the slut kept it’s promise!!!


and here is a screen shot of the posting, plus notes from me… just in case the posting gets flagged sometime soon.

click for full size

So any lurking losers out there wondering if I can really make you do dirty things… yes… yes, I can, and I will.


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