piggy pictures and bank draining details

Over the last 2 months I have got more little dick, cocks-in-cages, dildo-in-ass, etc, etc, pictures/videos from losers than ever before. I find it amusing ot make them hand such things over but they are promptly put in a "FILTHY LOSERS" folder on my desktop never to be looked at again. What? Do you think I enjoy looking at your sagging, aging male bodies? No! Ha, I am simply NOT into naked male losers unless I can humiliate them directly. The intention on all parties with these pictures for the most part is that I will use them to a) blackmail them or to b)post on my journal. I do some of the blackmailing for sure, with the right piggies- but I have been forgetting to post about the losers who show off what piggies they are for me. I was thinking about it this morning, trying to peg down why that is the number one thing I forget… knowing how much of a turn on it is for those losers… hmmmm, why, maybe its because… I DON’T GIVE A SHIT about you losers when it comes right down to the hard line. I will try though, to remember all of you piggies, to not forget the truly pathetic ones just because they aren’t currently paying to worship me…. I am going to be starting an LJ community for losers to post dirty pictures on. All posts will require my approval but you will be able to, at my orders, put pictures up FOR ME, like the lil worker bees that you are. I can then comment on the pictures you post, making sure that everyone knows just what I think of your exposed loser parts.

Here are a few photos taken in my name in recent weeks……

What a pathetic cocksucker. Literally this piggy loves cock.

I’m not sure whats with the grey at the top of the pic, but you
can see as well as I what is written on that dirty hairy meat.

That doesn’t really even look like human genitalia… its like…
a deformed naked mole rate emerging from it’s mother, or
something equally tiny and freaky and nasty… haha!

I am not here just for the money, as I’ve said before (though it is pretty key to me being here full time), though I cannot dominate and humiliate every penniless loser with a little dick. I’d never eat or sleep again and I still couldn’t even spend 5 minutes on each of you! That being said I will work towards making sure that losers who want to humiliate themselves for my amusement can do so more often and in more varied and interesting ways- even free ways to please me while degrading yourself in my name.

More on this soon enough!

One thought on “piggy pictures and bank draining details

  1. It’s been my experience that while MOST Mistresses could care less about little dick pictures, they DO enjoy having pictures of Andrew Jackson, US Grant, and Ben Franklin sent to them – especially when it is on that paper printed by the US Treasury!!


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