A whole lot is going on this week and today is a prime example of that. To make things easy for your little pea-brains I have turned my post into an easy to read easy to follow list. Just start at the top and 1, 2, 3… read your way down the list to discover all the going-ons of today in the world of the Goddess you worship.

 1. Do you have a cock and live near Nashville?
If so I have a little male slut ready to be facefucked!

2. I have had (at the time of posting) exactly 1000 cam with phone calls via my Niteflirt cam line! w00t! Want to be 1001? Call now!

3. Oh so many new videos! I have been slamming my clips page with new videos this week before I slam it again next week with videos
from the upcoming shoot I’m doing with one of my girlfriends this weekend.  Clickity clickity on the pictures below to be swept away…
worship… click, pay, stroke… it is the only way to please me!

4. I put the hose I’m wearing today up for auction! The bidding starts at $50 and you will be falling all over each other in no time for these puppies….

It looks to me like you have a lot of clicking and paying and stroking to do. I know you’re already stroking so start clicking and paying now
before I make you pay my LURKING LOSER FEE!!

One thought on “

  1. vids
    I really like what your doing with your VIP site looking forward to scoping out some of your girlfriends later this weekend———–thanks for a nice conversation tonight by the way———-i plane on EM you tomorrow early morning have a few questions i forgot to ask you


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