I’m so happy and sexy each day, all the while you are pathetic and depressed! haha!

I am busy winding down from my day out shopping for new studio equipment but I am oh so happy with the results. I am feeling good, I am already taking some money from the most desperate little oinkers out there and I have even gone through the effort of putting up a little video here for you… that comes with a very wonderful little assignment for you all! Yes, and you had best hop to it, I am filming on Wednesday at the very least, perhaps Thursday, and again next week as well.
The video I’m posting is a bit silly but I knew you losers would love it. It is obvious that I am putting ZERO effort into the clip and really don’t give a shit beyond the fact that I hate using my laptops inbuilt camera. Enjoy piggies!



Also my dear little wormies… yes… I do have buttons for you to click! I want you to think of the sexy HD quality videos that await you on the other end of just a few little clicks, yes, thats right, you can think of your whole computer screen filled up with my long legs… or my sexy feet… perhaps you can get your dirty little nose right up to that screen and pretend like the filthy little boy you are that you are really right there, under my ass being smothered as you lean over your keyboard jerking and slobbering….
Visit my CLIPS4SALE store where you can find both my clips store, images store and a members site with lots of free videos, pictures, another blog….all for just a single non-reoccurring monthly fee. Be a good little boy and CLICK RIGHT HERE, my brainless strokemonkey…….

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