Visit my main Cam W/ Phone listing, my pets….. a few mails there have been updated. Have a look at the 25 cent Payment Mail List, my ID’s and Rules of Conduct as well as the LOSER CLUB payment request with free pictures attached! (lots of free pictures!)

That’s right you heard me, it’s time to do some CLICKING!

2 thoughts on “

  1. Re: You
    As a rule, wherever it is possible I encourage my customers and any others who feel like doing so, to leave comments and feedback. I also make sure to screen all comments and feedback whenever possible because, unfortunately, there are mentally handicapped individuals such as yourself.
    I’m not sure if you really truly believe what you’ve stated (that I am “sooooo gross looking”), which would mean that you are completely and totally out of touch with what is considered beauty in most of the world….. or if you are just such a total fucking loser that you think that somehow your comment might actually insult or hurt me, that others might see it and actually agree with you and be turned off of worshiping me because you finally helped them see through all the haze…..
    Isn’t that right, my little piggies? If you are one of my regular addicts I’m sure that you read the above comment and thought to yourself, “How didn’t i see it? How did I not see how goss she is! With those long slim legs, those bright blue eyes, and oh god, ewwww, her ass is so tight and firm looking! Why would anyone want to worship someone who looks so soft and creamy all over like that? Disgusting! Ick! Gross! From now on I’m going to worship someone beautiful, you know, fat, with patchy thinning hair, and really deformed looking feet, someone with cankles! Yeah!”
    I apologize for lying this whole time, my pets. I know I’ve been telling you that I am a perfect Goddess, the definition of beauty, a blond bombshell who will break your will without lifting even one of my lovely fingers… but it’s all a lie… really, in truth, this anonymous loser has discovered the truth! I am SOOOOO GROSS!
    (in case you really are a fuckin retard the above is SCARCASM, and not to be taken seriously, I am in fact making fun of the loser who made the ‘gross’ comment… and fuck it’s funny that I know that some of you pigs are really so thick-headed that I know I have to actually explain that my reply is entirely sarcasm.)


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