a little secret for the dedicated losers out there

NEW STUFF! NEW WAYS TO WORSHIP! A NEW V(ery)I(nsatiable)P(iggy) club for you to join! When you join this club you get INSTANT access to LOTS of free videos (new ones being added all the time) plus access to all sorts of clips at a reduced price. Soon there will be a sexy blog with assignments and stroke instructions, LIVE streaming ignore time (free!), a chat room you can get on and chat with me and any other piggies online at the time….this is going to be MASSIVE…..http://misskyaa.c4slive.com/index.php

Right now membership is $25 a month. Next month that membership will be going up so JOIN NOW to get all the free stuff I’ll be adding this month and to get on the list of early worms who get to have their membership cheaper each month! If you don’t join in the next two weeks you will have to pay more than twice this price to get the same stuff! SO HURRY UP PIG! haha

2 thoughts on “a little secret for the dedicated losers out there

  1. Just joined — FANTASTIC!!
    I can’t believe how much The Princess already has in the site — and she keeps adding more. This is about to become my most regularly visited site on the web!


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