another piggy spotlight…..


This desperate loser has been begging to be featured in my journal. I have dangled it like the carrot in front of the horse, dragging him along on my own perverse power trip. The piggy I’m talking about, joey, is an utterly helpless fool. Completely aware of his station in life, he knows he must pay, that he has no choice but to comply, and that to be even given the opportunity to pay me is a privilege.
That is why I have made him wait, made him really work for it to be allowed in my journal. That and he wanted it so bad that it’s no fun giving it to him without making it hurt.
When he came begging for last night long Yahoo IM session and after paying a large amount in chat fees already that day I made him pay a further $25 just for me to copy and past the archived conversation into a .doc file and mail it to him. He had no choice, especially when I told him that after all his waiting, begging paying and stroking he would be featured in my journal for this act of patheticness.
Then I had him pay once more to be allowed to cum, and all of this without his getting a single picture, video or hearing my voice.

joey you are truly fucking pathetic, a sorry sack of wet meat brainwashed into my very own oinking ATM….. when you call me later you will spurt another pathetic load while clicking down on that "send payment" button.

When he finished cumming (having clicked at the pivotal moment) he emails me saying "Well that’s it. I couldn’t hold out long. I hit the $100 tribute button just as i came. What a rush! That was the best orgasm of my life!  You’ve got me so whipped! joey"
So if I’ve told you that oinking and clicking and paying as you cum for me will blow your little pervert mind… here is a witness who has experienced how intense it can be to drain your account and your dicklet all for me.

Above is part of his customers page. Here you can see the tributes sent today and yesterday… I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more like this from joey the jerkoff junky! Click the picture above to be taken to my Cam listing where you can see a FREE video of me taken today as well as all of joey’s pathetic and descriptive feedback…. "Last night i had the most amazing IM conversation with Princess Kyaa. Because She had drained all of the blood from my large head (ha), i forgot to save a copy of the transcript of the conversation. I couldn’t remember all of the details this amazing dominant woman had shared with me. I desperately needed a copy so i could remember everything. Princess Kyaa had a copy. She brought me to me knees and made me pay her for a copy of our conversation. She has me so dominated! I’m loving every minute"



That’s all for now, piggies… but I’ll be posting again soon with clips updates and more!


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