a very amusing call….


Not long after I turned my phone lines on this morning (not too long before noon PST) I got a call from a piggy wanker in some seedy hotel room. He was a first time caller which is always funny. They are so shocked at how quickly they obeying my orders to do humiliating and perverted acts of sexual deviancy for my amusement. I also find that new pigs in my pen are amazed at how easily I figure them out, how I seem to know all about them, their dirty pervert past and the nasty fantasies they know they can never have.
This loser was no different. Within a few minutes I was explaining to him how he, like so many other losers, needed my control. That he was a jerk addict, 5+ times a day sometimes. When I told him that I knew he was always trying to find a way to be dirtier, to be nastier because it feels so good to a loser like him to be a bad boy, he just about came right then and there.
He held it in though and in very quick succession I had him standing in front of a large window facing the back parking lot of the hotel he was in. As he jerked, curtains opened wide he sounded so scared. The more I goaded him on, telling him to jerk harder, to look like a real fuckin pervert, just pulling one off for the whole world to see while paying to be humiliated by an untouchable Goddess, the more he panted. Soon he started grunting and spurting all over himself and it was over. He was cum covered and exposed in front of the window. He told me he loved me as so many losers do (pathetic!) and thanked me before his time ran out and he got cut off.

He left feedback as instructed though so everyone else can see what a dirty lil slut he is….

HEY loooooooser? Reading this? Haha, like I said, this is just the beginning! I will make your addict ass pull pud in ways and places you can’t even begin to imagine.


what a perv!


Are you a lonely little wanker who only wishes to have the honor of being mentioned in my journal personally? Then humiliate yourself to a high degree like the oinker above, or start CLICKING and PAYING until I notice you. Unless hundreds of your hard earned dollars are flowing into my account in a single day I don’t give a shit, pay or you will have to obey my every sadistic whim to set yourself apart from all the other pussy-assed fagots that wimp out or run away when faced with doing something a little scary and very dirty.



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