yeah yeah yeah, I know, I said I would be back sooner, you missed me, you need me, blah blah blah. Do you think I care if you were desperate for me while I was away? Do you think I give a flying fuck if you had no choice but to jerk your stick to some other princess? No… the only thing that matters is that I am back now. Knowing that, you are already feeling weaker.
Yes, already your little dicklet is growing, isn’t it? Can you feel that pervert mind of your racing, thinking of all the dirty things you have done, all the money you have spent… hahaha… can’t you feel the blood pulsing into your stick, piggy?

It’s okay, rub it. I know you can’t help yourself.
I forgive you for being a horny old man, lusting after my young body day and night. I know that you can’t do a thing about what you are, the only one with any control here is me, that much is obvious. Hehe, when you try to resist me like you are now, telling yourself to stop stroking before you spend your paycheck in a single cumload, you are only making things worse for yourself.
There is nothing that can make that urge go away, you will ache for me until you have come crawling, begging to be given an order, any order, only so that you have the chance to obey me once again.


5 thoughts on “

  1. oink oink piggy loser!
    Once I am rich enough to live off the interest in my bank account I will abandon you losers and move to a GIRLS ONLY tropical island. Of course, it will be a nudist colony. I will buy it and claim it as it’s own country. Then you can look up “Kyaa’s Island” on every map of the world, hahaha. Until then I’ll be here, allowing you pigs to pay tribute and worship.
    Speaking of which…. your bank account must be doing quite well after 2 weeks without me around. Get your ass over here and CLICK, PAY, STROKE!

  2. back!
    i am so happy and grateful that You have returned to us. i was worried that You had left forever, just for the pleasure of knowing we’d wither and die. i have blisters on my fingers from checking niteflirt and livejournal several times per day. thank you for not abandoning us.


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