G-Strings Galore!

I have just put 4 very sexy heart-covered g-strings up for sale on ebanned. These puppies are HOT HOT HOT and although I jacked the price up really high on them I suspect they will all sell well before the 10 days are up… I bought these panties at the store when making a quick trip to get some snack foods. They cost me $2 each, and I will be selling them, covered in my cum along with a picture set and a video to go along with each pair for $120 each. Check out the rest of the pictures HERE…. I might even put some more pics up here if I get lots of losers begging me.
click on any of these pictures to go to the Auction so you can BUY them!!! (if the link doesn’t work then HAHA you were too late!)

 click on this one to see the full size image… yes, I know, I’m so kind to you despite how much of a useless loser you are, a hopeless jerk zombie who can barely pull his cum-covered pork-sausage fingers off your little wank button long enough to CLICK AND PAY!! Can’t afford the panties but want to see more? Send me a tribute and beg for some pictures!


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