a funny story…

While out with the girls on Wednesday night something awful happened. I’m doing fine now but the last day has been a trial for the lovely Goddess you asswipes worship. I cracked one of my back molars while biting down too suddenly on a hard-candy while rough-housing (I love to wrestle my female friends- and no you don’t get any clips of it greedy lil shit!).
One emergency dental appointment later and I am very much on my way to being rid of the searing pain that began when I cracked my tooth. This is why I was not on at all on Thursday, and most likely may not be on until Sunday afternoon or even Monday. I have another appointment in a weeks time to make sure everything has set correctly but after that everything should be all healed up and I will be back on the scene milking dicklets, draining wallets, sissifying sluts etc, etc.
I will keep you pigs updated, I will post again as soon as I put something new up. I have continued to receive bids on those white pantyhose. It is amusing to think that I have paid $0 for them in total, I have already made some unknown amount (well over a $161 which is what the bidding is at) off those hose just in the VIDEOS I have made in them! Check out my CLIPS4SALE to find cheap vids for you to wank your loser meat to, including ones showing off my ebanned items.



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