MPKs Exclusive loser Club…

I sent an email out to the jerkoffs paypigs who have elected to become members of my "loser club." If you have purchased the loser club mail and did not get an email from me today, CONTACT ME ASAP so I can make sure you are on the correct mailing list!!!

Miss me, loser? Want me to post more? Show me how fucking bad you want it. Reply to this post and/or email me with humiliating pictures for me to repost!!
That’s right, HUMILIATE YOURSELF for my fucking amusement. Write my name all over yourself, dress up like a whore and stick something phallic in your hungry mouth, sit on your biggest butt-plug (you know, the life-sized hand one?)… the more creative the better! Hop to it, oinkers! Show me what an attention slut you are, show me how bad you want me to throw my cruelty your way. Most of all, show me how bad you want me to keep providing this free journal for piggies around the world.


3 thoughts on “MPKs Exclusive loser Club…

  1. Re: loser club
    why the hell would you wait piggy? haha you are just missing out because you are too poor? If you are that damn poor how could you ever please me? Hahaha, you will just have to try really hard in February then, won’t you?


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