Hear ye, hear ye!

NEW stuff, CHEAP stuff, hot RECORDED BATH ignore line…

Okay, boy and girls. Gather round, that’s right. Sissies and losers,
lurkers and devoted pay piggies…

So here is the ‘down low’ as the kids say these days:

1: I recently took a long bubble bath. I soaked, naked and soapy,
and it was wonderful. I took a full hour in that tub, relaxing the way
a Goddess such as I deserves. Just before I got in the bath though, I
decided to re-record my new, and as yet, unheard, recorded ignore
listing. I though that instead of listening to the same activities that
they could call me and listen to live, I decided to get paid to take
that bath, over, and over and over. I recorded 11 full minutes of the
tub filling, me splashing, giggling occasionally (there are jets in
that tub, and they tickle!), and pouring hot water over myself as soak.
I know your little pricklet will twitch each time you hear my bare ass
squeak as it slides across the bottom of the tub… hehe, yeah, you
know the noise, the noises of a sexy lady enjoying a good bubble bath
in a big jacuzzi tub… hahaha….

11 minutes long, only $1 a minute!

If I see losers calling this line and begging for pics of me in said
jacuzzi tub, I just might be inclined to take another bubble bath and
bring the camera in with me… hahaha…wouldn’t you love to click and
pay so you can stroke to a bubble covered Kyaa?

2: Go and check out my cam
, there have been a few changes, and a few more
buttons are up. I will be doing some VERY cheap cam rates off and on at
my whim until new years eve. So keep refreshing that page, loser!

3: I sent out 3 free minutes to ALL of my customers from the last year
about a week ago. So far I have had more trouble from it then it has
been worth, but I am using it to do one very important thing: BLOCK
CHEAP LIL SHITS who call up and don’t have any money on their accounts.
This is now something that will get you AUTO BLOCKED, so that you have
no hope of calling me or paying me via NF at least. I will not tolerate
bullshit moves like that anymore, so if you are someone who wants to
keep the privilege of being able to call me, do not abuse it! This will
start extending to losers who hang up after 1 minute of panting,
perverts who just hang up as soon as they start cumming, etc, etc. I
expect you to treat me with respect, and to treat your ability to
contact me over the phone as a true privilege. With each month I am
taking more money from more piggies and unless you shit heads want my
rates to go up exponentially, you will not waste my time!

4: There has been a lack of updating on my clips page because of the
SNOW. It has ruined my shipping times, and the software I thought would
be here already isn’t. Soon though, there will be LOTS more clips, and
some free teaser videos even! hahaha…


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